Meet yoga website designer and Wildheart founder, Guy Anderson

By Wildheart Team

Yoga Website Designer Guy Anderson

Yoga website designer, yoga teacher and Wildheart founder, Guy Anderson has been designing stunning yoga websites for nearly 2 decades. Discover how Guy got started with yoga and web design.

This is an introduction that we feel is long overdue! Meet Wildheart founder, yoga teacher and yoga website designer Guy Anderson. Guy has spent the last 25 years honing his design skills, designing logos, websites, merchandise and more for yoga and wellbeing businesses. 

Guy’s design journey

Guy has worked his whole life as a designer. You could say that design is in his blood, as he’s from an advertising family: his dad was a copywriter and his mother was an art director. He designed his first website in 1996. Just 7 years after the World Wide Web was invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee (yes he did get a knighthood for it!). 

Guy, unfortunately, did not get a knighthood for his first website. But it did contain an animated flaming logo which he thought was pretty cool! Guy remembers:

Wildheart Founder, Guy Anderson

“When I started designing websites in the 1990s I was really inspired by the fact that the World Wide Web was free and in the public domain. Of course, at that time we had no idea how popular the World Wide Web would become or how much it would change the world!”

Guy’s yoga journey

Guy attended his first yoga class in London in 2000. He found it really challenging but also fun. He was fascinated by how moving his body and breathing could be so simple and yet so hard at the same time!

Guy started practising regularly with Billy Doyle in North London, following a gentle Kashmiri style of yoga. Billy introduced Guy to non-dual philosophy and the teachings of Jean Klein which has had a profound and lasting effect on his view of life and himself.

Wildheart Founder, Guy Anderson

“For me, yoga is more than just physical exercise. Yoga is an inside job. By stretching the body and using the breath we return to our true nature: beyond thoughts, judgements and ideas.”

If you’d like to learn more about Guy’s yoga journey you can read more on his teacher website

After a move down to Brighton on the south coast of England in 2001, Guy discovered Ashtanga Yoga and in 2006 started an early-morning Mysore-style Ashtanga practice. 

Guy’s first yoga website

In 2006, Guy set up Ashtanga Brighton, a website and blog (made with WordPress of course!) to serve the local Ashtanga community. He invited teachers from around the world to come and teach workshops, including: Dylan Bernstein, Monica Marinoni, Joey Miles and many others.

Ashtanga Brighton, founded by Guy Anderson

Wild at heart

Guy set up Wildheart in 2014 just before leaving the UK and moving to India. While practising and working from Mysore, Guy met many wonderful yogis who were fantastic yoga teachers but felt lost in the world of computers and websites. Guy resolved to focus on helping yoga teachers be more successful in the digital realm.

Wildheart Founder, Guy Anderson

“It was really clear to me when I was in Mysore that the world didn’t need another yoga teacher and that instead, my gifts were helping others to help even more people – in this way I’ve helped to spread yoga to even more people than I could have as a teacher.”

Examples of yoga websites Guy's designed

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Website design: Ravi Yoga
Website design: Space Yoga Studio
Website design: Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg
Website design: Kadampa Meditation Centre
Website design: Sacred Jade Yoga
Website design: Danette Watson Mindfulness and Yoga
Website design: Maria Boox Yoga
Website design: Purple Valley Yoga
Website design: Stillpoint Yoga
Website design: The Yoga Spot
Website design: Yoga With Spirit
Website design: Ashtanga Yoga Leeds

A brand-led yoga website designer

Since 2006 Guy has been refining how he designs yoga websites for yoga studios and yoga teachers. Guy’s approach as a yoga website designer is brand-led. He explains:

Wildheart Founder, Guy Anderson

“Our work always starts with brand strategy – why do you teach yoga and what makes you different from all the other yoga teachers out there? If you’re able to tap into your higher purpose and make this clear then the rest of the visual branding, like logo, fonts and colour palette all magically fall into place.”

Designing yoga websites

Wildheart has designed yoga websites for yoga businesses around the world from the US, UK, Europe and even down under in Australia! Over the years, lots of different design trends have come and gone but some principles are just as important today as ever:

Wildheart Founder, Guy Anderson

“Most people are too concerned with how their website looks rather than how it’s organised or who it’s for. Designing successful yoga websites is all about striking a happy balance between aesthetics, clear messaging and creating a clear user journey for visitors – so that they can find what they want quickly and easily. It sounds so simple, but there’s actually a real art to it.”

Need a yoga website designer?

It can be really challenging to hire a yoga website designer for many reasons. Most yogis don’t understand the world of the internet or design and some feel uncomfortable about marketing and the idea of running a yoga business. 

The web design world is also full of jargon and it can be confusing working out what you need to pay for: domain names, website hosting, plugins, website updates etc. Knowing all of this, Guy wanted to make things really straightforward for yoga business owners:

Wildheart Founder, Guy Anderson

“I think there are two things that really make Wildheart stand out:

  1. Not only are we experts in design, marketing and content creation, but we’re also long-term yoga practitioners and teachers ourselves. So we know how it feels to be both a student and a teacher. We know how yoga feels, rather than just how it looks, on Instagram for example.

  2. Our prices are clearly listed on our website and we offer payment plans for our clients. I’ve never seen a web design company list their prices and it’s something that I felt was really important: being clear and transparent about money.”

10 wild years

Wildheart has gone from strength to strength over the last decade as we’ve practised our craft, slowly refining what we do and how we do it. Our mission is to help people who help people and we have ongoing relationships with many of our clients.

Hannah, our Queen of Content, has been working alongside Guy for 9 years and together they make the perfect team, blending creativity with clear communication and organisation. Guy adds:

Wildheart Founder, Guy Anderson

“I’m really proud of what we’ve created at Wildheart and I absolutely couldn’t have done it without my right-hand woman, Hannah. I’m looking forward to many interesting and successful years ahead as we continue to support our clients and share yoga and wellbeing practices with even more people.”

At Wildheart we do all the work ourselves and when you choose us, you’ll be working directly with Guy and Hannah.


At Wildheart we don’t just talk the talk, we both put in the time on and off the mat or cushion. We’re committed to serving those who help others and we do this through our 4 core packages: brand strategy, logo design, websites and SEO

If you’re wondering what it’s like to work with someone who understands both you and the world of design and marketing, then reach out for a free consultation. We'd love to meet you and see if we can help you grow your wellbeing business.

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