Brought to you on the first Friday of each month, Content Kitchen is a series of videos in which our co-founder Guy answers your content marketing questions. Why Content Kitchen? Because they’re recorded in Guy’s kitchen of course!

What are blog categories and should I be using them?

Are you confused by using categories for your blog? What are they? How do you know when to use them? And what should they be?

This month Guy explains what blog categories are and why they’re important for your blog. He also shares 3 top tips for getting started with your categories.

As he explains in the video, if you already have a blog you’ll need to do a content audit of your existing posts to see how they fit with your new categories. And we have just the thing to help you! Simply read this post to find out more and then download the free colour coded content audit worksheet to get started.

What next?

If you find this video useful, check out our follow-up post How to organise your blog categories for a more in-depth look at categories and how to use them.