Websites/blogs: What’s the difference?

By Hannah Moss

Website/blogs: What's the difference?

Do you know the difference between a website and a blog? Discover how websites/blogs have evolved and why your website should have a blog!  

Websites/blogs: The digital evolution

In a world where the internet has become an indispensable part of our lives, the distinction between websites/blogs might not be as clear-cut as it once was. The digital landscape has undergone a fascinating transformation over the years, with blogs and websites intertwining in ways we never could have imagined.

Let's take a stroll through the history of these digital platforms, explore their evolving relationship, and discover why having a blog on your website is not just a trend but a vital tool for success.

The dawn of the digital age

Before we delve into the world of websites/blogs, let's rewind the clock to the early days of the internet. It was a time when websites ruled the digital realm. Websites were static entities, showcasing information, services and products to a global audience. They were digital storefronts, carefully designed and crafted to leave a lasting impression.

Blogs: The game-changer

Then, around the turn of the 21st century, came the revolution – the birth of blogs. Blogs were essentially online journals, where individuals shared their thoughts, opinions and experiences with the world. Unlike websites, blogs were dynamic and personal. Anyone with an internet connection could become a blogger, sharing their stories, expertise and passions.

Another key difference with websites/blogs is: before blogs came along, updating a website required specialist programming skills. Blogging platforms like Blogspot, Blogger and WordPress changed all this because they gave non-techy people the ability to write and publish content with ease on the web. In fact, our founder and yoga website designer Guy started blogging about Ashtanga Yoga back in 2006 on Ashtanga Brighton.

The blog boom

Blogging caught on like wildfire. People found their voices in the blogosphere, sharing everything from travel diaries to tech reviews, parenting tips to gourmet recipes. Blogs diversified and proliferated, covering an astounding range of topics. They quickly became a go-to source for information and entertainment.

But here's where things get interesting – blogs started to evolve into something more. Instead of remaining separate entities, they began to merge with websites, blurring the lines between the two.

Websites/blogs: A beautiful blend

It's important to understand that, in today's digital landscape, websites/blogs are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they've fused together seamlessly, creating a dynamic and engaging online experience. Modern websites are no longer just static pages; the good ones incorporate a blog section for several important reasons, including:

  • to demonstrate authority and expertise; 
  • to educate and entertain; and, 
  • (perhaps most importantly), to attract both new and returning visitors to the website.

Blogs and SEO: A match made in digital heaven

One of the key reasons websites have embraced blogs is their powerful impact on search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is the magic that helps your website rise through the ranks on search engine results pages. Blogs, with their fresh, unique content, are SEO gold mines and Google will reward your site for this regularly changing content.

Imagine this...

You run a wellbeing business that offers yoga classes, meditation courses and retreats. Your website clearly outlines the details of what you offer, but that's not enough to rank high on Google. However, when you maintain a blog with weekly posts about yoga postures, yoga philosophy, meditation techniques and the benefits of going on retreat, you're giving Google something to latch onto.

Google loves new, relevant content, and it rewards websites that provide it. In fact, in our experience from years of studying website analytics, Google prioritises blog posts over static web pages.

Our clients’ successful blogs

Some examples of successful blogs we’ve encouraged our clients to set up and/or maintain 
Websites/Blogs: SPACE Yoga Studio

SPACE Yoga Studio

Dee at SPACE is committed to publishing regular blog content on the new website we built for her. She writes around the topics of yoga, yoga philosophy, meditation, anatomy, sleep and stress. We help her to publish her posts each month and to share these through her monthly newsletters. 

Websites/Blogs: Stillpoint Yoga

Stillpoint Yoga

Scott at Stillpoint has been blogging for many years, as well as producing a podcast. Initially, he didn’t think he was a good enough writer, or would be able to commit to writing regularly, but with our encouragement he soon fell in love with the process, realised how much he enjoyed writing and started to get some great feedback too.

Websites/Blogs: Yoga With Spirit

Yoga With Spirit

Amy at Yoga With Spirit has been writing a weekly blog for many years. She shares her own thoughts, insights and wisdom on daily life and how these so often relate back to aspects of yoga philosophy, hence the title ‘Yoga for Life’.

Websites/Blogs: The Travelling Ape

The Travelling Ape

Mike Richards’ website started as a travel blog. We helped him expand his site to become a fully functioning, professional website to showcase his meditation offerings, including a built-in blog section. Mike publishes regular posts about travel, meditation, geopolitics, philosophy and economics, and has just published his first book. 

The power of integration 

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, websites/blogs are no longer separate entities but intertwined in a beautiful symbiosis. Blogs have emerged as dynamic tools for boosting organic SEO, offering businesses and individuals a chance to connect with their audience in a personal and meaningful way. 

In the end, it's clear that having a blog on your website is no longer just an option; it's a necessity. Embrace this digital evolution, and watch your online presence flourish like never before. The era of websites and blogs working together is here, and it's full of endless possibilities for you on your online journey.

So, we encourage you to find your voice and start growing your audience by publishing regular, unique content in the blog section of your website.

Need help levelling up? 

If you need help revamping or reorganising your existing blog, we can help you take your digital content to the next level. Check out our article How to establish a blog for your wellbeing business which is packed with useful resources. 

Or, if you’re in the market for a new website, our New Website Package won’t just give you a sleek, user-friendly website; you’ll also get a powerful built-in WordPress blog to elevate your online presence. 

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