How a frustrated web designer got into digital marketing

By Guy Anderson

How a frustrated web designer got into digital marketing

Watch our video to find out why Guy, a frustrated web designer, decided to run a digital marketing agency, why he started email marketing with Mailchimp, and why he’s wearing that silly hat!

Here’s a summary of what’s in the video…

Email marketing with Mailchimp

I’ve been using Mailchimp since 2006 when I started my first digital marketing agency in Brighton. Mailchimp has grown from strength to strength over the years and has built a great brand. They now employ over 100 people and back in 2011 celebrated their millionth user – wow!

Email marketing for your business

Email marketing is the single most powerful digital marketing tool, by a long way! It’s not new and exciting like social media and spammers have also given email marketing a bad name. If you have a WordPress site and you’re wondering what marketing you need to start on next – start with email marketing with Mailchimp!

Our top tips for getting started with email marketing

  1. Decide on a goal for your email marketing.
  2. Decide what content is most relevant and useful for your audience.
  3. Decide how often you’re going to deliver your emails.

Not sure how to do this? We can help, just book a free consultation with us.

Always ask permission

Remember I mentioned spamming earlier? Well, spamming or junk mail is sending people emails they never signed up to receive. It’s best practice to always ask permission before starting email marketing.

Start small

The key to getting great results with your email marketing is by starting small with your close business network; people you have regular professional contact with. Always aim for quality over volume. Email marketing is not a numbers game, it’s about building a relationship. Start with a small high quality list, maybe 50 of your most valued clients or associates, and build on that.

Don’t ever do this!

  • Buy an email list.
  • Email people you don’t know.

How can we help?

Want to get going with your email marketing? We’d love to help. Book a free consultation and we’ll set up a call.

What did you think?

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