Blog series: The art of marketing your yoga business

Do you run a yoga business? Whether you're an independent yoga teacher or you run a yoga studio, it can be daunting knowing where to start with your marketing. Let us help you with our "Art of Marketing Your Yoga Business" series. 

Want to learn the art of marketing your yoga business?
This month we start a brand new blog series aimed at yoga teachers or those running a yoga business. We'll be guiding you on a clear path in the sometimes confusing digital world and helping you to find your authentic voice so you can start to grow your business.
Are you ready to market your yoga business?
Are you ready to start marketing your yoga business? The second in our new blog series focusses on the essential preparations you need to have in place before you can get started..
Which website platform should you use for your yoga business?
In this post we take a look at some of the many website platforms out there and help you to make the right choice for your yoga business.
How should you structure your yoga website?
The architecture of your website is super important for taking your visitors on a clear, easy-to-follow journey. In this post we share our insights into the best website structure for your yoga business.
Downward facing blog: Do you need to be blogging as a yoga teacher?
The latest post in our Art of Marketing Your Yoga Business series looks at why blogging is so crucial - for building a loyal and engaged audience and ultimately getting more bums on mats!
How to use great images on your yoga website
Find out how striking images bring your yoga website to life and enhance the personality of your unique brand in our ultimate yoga image guide.
How to grow your yoga community with email marketing
Did you know that email marketing is still 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined, when it comes to acquiring new customers? In this post we look at how to grow your yoga community with email marketing.
How to attract more students to your yoga retreats and workshops
What can you do to get more bums on mats, especially when it comes to your yoga events? In this week’s post, we answer that all-important question – How do you sell more places on your workshops and retreats?
How do you know your yoga marketing is working?
We've been sharing some great ways to grow your yoga business, but there’s one important piece of the puzzle missing - measurement. In this post we share some effective ways of tracking whether your yoga marketing is working.
Do you need to make videos to run a successful yoga business?
You’ve undoubtedly seen countless yoga videos online and, as a yoga teacher or studio owner, you’re probably wondering whether you need to jump on the video bandwagon in order to be successful. Let's find out!
Do you need to create digital products for your yoga business?
In the final post of our Art of Marketing Your Yoga Business series, we take a look at digital products. What are they? What kinds of products could you create? And will they help you grow your yoga business?