Why is SEO important? It's how your website gets correctly indexed.

Organic search: Why is SEO important?

In this broad overview post, we explore the meanings of SEO and organic search and share why we think SEO is one of the most effective ways to grow your business.

A first-timer’s experience of WordCamp Europe — Berlin 2019

A first-timer’s experience of WordCamp Europe – Berlin 2019

WordCamp Europe is a 2-day conference all about WordPress and in 2019 it was held in Berlin. Ehron Ostendorf shares his experiences as a first-timer, lists his biggest takeaways from the event, and reveals what he thought of the Wildheart team in real life!

Sharing links across iPhone apps

Why do links display differently across iPhone apps?

Have you noticed that when you share a link on your mobile via text message, WhatsApp or Messenger, it doesn't always display the same? Why is this? And how can you make sure your link previews always display as they should?

How to do keyword research

How to do keyword research

Keyword research is important for your business to ensure your website is being found by the right people for the right reasons. Find out what it is and how to do it in our step by step guide.

Screen showing search results

How to make your blogs more search engine friendly

Making your blog search engine friendly is important for helping your content appear higher in relevant search rankings. We share our top tips and best practices you can put in place today for better results.

Red heart featuring heart monitor waves

How healthy is your website?

Are you even ready for content marketing? First you need a healthy website. But what does that mean and how do you achieve it? Read on to find out!

A laptop revealing 7 steps to great blog writing

7 steps to writing a great blog post

How do you write a great blog post? We guide you through the 7 essential steps of blog writing and give you all the resources you need to grow your business through content marketing.

top 5 tips for search engines

Top 5 tips for search engines

This week our co-founder Leia shares our top 5 tips for search engines in this 3 minute video. Check out the bonus action at the end of the video.