Learn the art of marketing your yoga business

Want to learn the art of marketing your yoga business?

This month we start a brand new blog series aimed at yoga teachers or those running a yoga business. We'll be guiding you on a clear path in the sometimes confusing digital world and helping you to find your authentic voice so you can start to grow your business.

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What is authentic content marketing?

We recently changed our strapline to 'authentic content marketing'. Find out why we did this and what it means to market your business with passion and authenticity.

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Overcoming the curse of knowledge

If you're not getting the results you want from your website, you could be suffering from the curse of knowledge. We introduce the concept and offer practical tips on how to overcome it.

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4 things you need for successful content marketing

Before you can start growing your business with successful content marketing, there are 4 essential ingredients your business needs - you might know about the 3 Ps already but what's the 4th ingredient?

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Emojis – not just a smiley face!

There's more to emojis than just smiley faces. Check out this great infographic The Ultimate Guide to Using Emojis in Email Marketing and start increasing your open rates and engagement levels.