SMART goals for websites and marketing

By Guy Anderson

SMART goals for websites and marketing

What is the SMART framework? How is it used in business? And how can it be adapted to create SMART goals for websites and marketing?

The SMART framework was popularised by modern management guru Peter Drucker. It was initially developed to help organisations set realistic goals that are measurable. But as a framework it can be applied to any project, including digital marketing and website design.

It’s worth noting that there are many different definitions for the different letters and it’s worth adapting the framework to suit your needs best.

Here at Wildheart we use the SMART goals framework as just one of the tools to help our clients:

  1. Define SMART goals for your digital marketing campaigns
  2. Define SMART goals for a website design or redesign

This post introduces our adaptation of the SMART framework specifically for marketing and web design purposes.

Here are our SMART goals for websites and marketing:

S is for Specific

It’s important to set a specific goal because it provides you with a focus for your activities. Goals that are too big are unlikely to get finished. Can you break your project into smaller goals?

M is for Measurable

A specific goal is measurable and if you can measure it you can track your progress and adapt. Be careful of trying to measure too much (a common mistake). What is the single most important metric you need to measure?

A is for Achievable

An achievable goal is realistic – what tactics and strategies can you use to achieve this goal? Think back to S – are you being specific enough or too ambitious?

R is for Rewarding

This step is another great one for checking if your project justifies the effort. Is this the most rewarding goal for you to be undertaking right now?

T is for Timely

If it’s going to take too long to complete a goal it may not be the most rewarding one to tackle now. Setting an end date is a great way of having a deadline to work towards. Can you break down your goal into smaller goals?

Watch our SMART Goals for Websites presentation:

Smart Goals for Websites Download


Remember SMART goals are only one tool to aid your thinking around your marketing goals. If you’re planning a website redesign then check out our next blog post: Preparing for a redesign with a website content audit.

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