In this month’s Content Kitchen video Guy highlighted the importance of having your own website in this social media age.

You may already know that content is king and why you should be giving away content in order to grow your business. But what should you give away and what should you keep?

In this post we’re going to explore 2 keys to the content kingdom: ownership and sharing. And why you should be posting your own original content on a website you own.

The paradox of knowledge vs sharing

If knowledge is important in the knowledge economy then how can it be good to give it away?

Ideas need to travel so that they can spread and reach enough minds in order to bring about change. The printing press was a revolution in how ideas travelled. All of a sudden it was possible to create exact copies of books cheaply and quickly. With this ability to create copies came the need for copyright.

Copyright is the exclusive rights granted to the author or creator of an original work, including the right to copy, distribute and adapt the work. It’s important to note that copyright doesn’t protect the ideas or concepts within, only the distribution of them.

Let’s hop over the telephone, skip over the radio and jump over the television to land at the next great communication revolution – the internet. The internet absorbed all the innovation that came before it and out of it was born the world wide web, created in 1989 by English scientist Tim Berners-Lee. The world wide web gave us the web browser – which you’re using right now to read this.

Digital content gave us the means to instantly create infinite copies faster and more cheaply than was ever dreamed possible before. Ideas spread faster now than they ever have, thanks to search engines and social media. This sharing of ideas in the form of content continues to transform our lives.

Key #1: ownership

It’s now become standard for companies to have a virtual home in this digital domain. This is your company website. You even have your own domain name. Ours is This is where we create and store all our original content. But we can’t control who finds us, copies or shares our content. In fact, we want people to make copies of and share our content – as long as they attribute it to us.

Creative Commons is a much needed upgrade to copyright designed to meet the needs of our modern times.

All of this can get confusing for businesses. Especially if you get paid for your ideas. But if you don’t share your ideas no-one will find them – or you. So it’s really important that you create your own original content on your own domain.

Whilst you most likely own the content you share on various social media networks, it’s very easy for ownership to get lost in the wave of social sharing. So, as a general rule, we always encourage our customers to own their content by first publishing it on their own domain.

Key #2: sharing

Here at Wildheart we give away almost everything: we share our strategies, our tactics and our processes. We even create videos showing you lots of great content marketing tips. We do all of this because it shows we’re confident and really know our stuff.

So how do we actually add value? We add value when we work with our customers. Because there’s one thing we can’t give away. And that’s context.

What this means is that when we work with customers we help them to do the right thing with their content marketing at the right time. This is what helps them get results. By repeating this process over and over again we build deep and rewarding relationships that help businesses grow over time.

Where do you draw the line?

In this new sharing economy, high quality content is freely available. And, yes, your competitors are giving it away too. This forces businesses to be more creative about how you give away or share your content. It’s also more important now to be clear about where you draw the line in your own business.

What do you give away in order to attract new customers and what do you keep to yourselves? Let us know in the comments section below.