SEO strategy for ethical businesses

Imagine you knew what people were typing in search engines to find businesses like yours

That’s exactly what SEO (search engine optimisation) can do for you. It’s like being able to see in the dark! No need to guess where you’re going or hoping you’re on the right track.

SEO is the art of making sure your website is found by people looking for your services, both locally and around the world. 

Your SEO strategy should…

  • Identify the words your customers use in searches
  • Show you where there's low keyword competition
  • Give you inspiration for your new website content

Speak your customers' language

Too often we get caught up in our own worlds, thoughts and ideas. As an expert it’s so easy to use complicated jargon. SEO is an exercise in customer empathy, because it shows you the words your customers use when looking for your business. 

Our SEO Package will ensure that more of the right people find your website.

Together we’ll find the words your customers use and identify where the competition is lowest, so you have the best chance of appearing higher in search results.

What you’ll get…

  • A thorough SEO research process
  • Keyword research
  • Topic research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Local search optimisation, where relevant
  • Carefully crafted SEO data for each page, based on our research findings
  • Updates to page titles, URLs and page headings, where relevant

Meet the team

SEO Strategy Consultant, Guy Anderson

Guy Anderson

Chief Creative Cat

Guy’s experience as a web designer, marketer and yoga teacher gives him a unique understanding of the challenges niche clients face with SEO.

SEO Strategy Consultant, Hannah Moss

Hannah Moss

Content Queen

Hannah’s ability to see patterns emerge in the data, combined with her acute attention to detail, makes her the perfect SEO expert for any wellbeing business.

Own your niche, outperform your competitors

Having a sound SEO strategy enables you to compete in your niche efficiently, because you’ll avoid the most obvious and highly competitive keywords. 

Instead, you’ll be able to focus your website content where you have the best chance of appearing at the top of search results.

A successful online presence…

"From the beginning of my project I took advantage of the expertise of Wildheart Media. They did the legwork and design needed from the beginning that helped me focus on what the brand would look and feel like. They researched the marketplace that 3DML would live in, who the target audiences were, researched what the competition was doing, and then suggested an approach to create a successful online presence." – David Keil

3 reasons why you need our SEO Package:

  • Stop guessing what people are searching for
  • Ensure your website ranks better in relevant searches
  • Know what new content you should be creating

Get more visitors to your website

for only:


(£1,300 approx.)
*Excludes 25% VAT for EU customers
(No VAT charged to UK or US customers)

Helped me direct my focus...

“I asked the Wildheart team to work on the SEO strategy for my yoga studio. Hannah was highly competent at content optimization and keyword research. She effectively allocates resources to maximize results. I really appreciate the quality of work that both Hannah and Guy delivered. They are client-oriented and brand-focused with great technical capabilities. This also helped me direct my focus and allowed me to be more creative while they do the dirty work and actual marketing.” – Marie Kerr