Blog series: Running a remote business

Find out why Guy our founder started Wildheart, how he's managed to grow the team, and how to create a scalable business through productization in our "Running a remote business" mini-series.  

Running a remote business part 1: How Wildheart was born
Join our founder Guy on a journey through the ever-changing world of technology as he reveals how and why he created his digital agency Wildheart Media.
Running a remote business part 2: Growing a team of Wildhearts
Guy shares his insights into what it takes to find good people, weighs up employees vs. freelancers, and reveals our favourite collaborative tools.
Running a remote business part 3: How to productize your business
In the third part of our mini-series about running a remote business, Guy reveals Wildheart's journey to creating a scalable productized business.
Running a remote business part 4: Breaking down barriers
In the latest part of our remote-business mini-series, Guy discusses his favourite strategies for bringing together digital teams and clients from around the world.