Podcast interviews

Our co-founder Guy Anderson has been a guest on these great podcasts. He shares his content marketing insights, spanning a career of nearly 2 decades as a digital creative.

Guy Andefors podcast interviews

Our Freelance Life

Host: Leif Kendall
Running time: 1:20:00
Show title: Content marketing agency boss Guy Anderson

Our co-founder Guy has been a web designer, a freelancer and an agency boss. Listen to his experiences that span nearly 2 decades, multiple locations (South Africa, England, India and Sweden) and a variety of working models.

As well as discussing this epic career journey, the interview focuses on his experiences of finding, hiring and managing freelancers – and some of the challenges this can bring.

Internet Marketing Podcast

Host: Andy White
Running time: 
Overcoming the curse of knowledge

Andy of SiteVisibility is joined by our co-founder Guy to talk about the curse of knowledge and how this can have an impact on your website.

Guy explains the concept of the ‘curse of knowledge’ and the things you can do to overcome it, listing some of the common mistakes that businesses make. Guy also explains that failing to acknowledge this as an issue could not only affect the content on your website but also the conversations you have with clients.