How this package can help you

It’s important that your business has a strong brand identity that resonates both with yourself and your audience. This identity should be weaved throughout all your marketing channels by way of your logo, typography and colour palette.

A great logo consists of 3 parts which fit together to create a compelling brand: the brand mark, brand name and strapline. We’ll design a stunning logo, using your existing ideas or inspiration as a starting point. We’ll then develop your fonts and colour palette and weave these together to create an indispensable style guide for your website and marketing.

We’ll even help you write a ‘one-liner’ for your business. This is a single sentence that clearly explains what your business offers and why people should buy from you. It helps you to organise the structure of your website and should underpin all your communications with your customers.

What we’ll do

  • Design logo, incorporating 3 key elements (brand mark, brand name, strapline)
  • Present 2 different design concepts in black & white
  • Develop chosen concept with colour palette and fonts
  • Create detailed style guide
  • Apply style guide to your website (if applicable)
  • Help you write a one-liner for your business

You need this if…

You don’t have a professionally designed logo, colour palette, corporate fonts, strapline or one-liner.

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