Do you feel stuck in your business and ready for change?

Most wellbeing business owners pour all their time and energy into helping people. But you often don’t get the help you need in order to really thrive. Our Coaching Package is designed to change that.

This package will support you to run the business you really want and deserve. Let's start smashing those obstacles and excuses together!

What you’ll get

  • A 1-hour video call each week (for 6, 8 or 12 weeks)
  • The support of an experienced spiritual entrepreneur
  • An insightful outside perspective on your business
  • Help with prioritising and figuring out what to do next
  • Accountability to help you stay on track
  • The clarity you need to get unstuck and move forward in your business

You need our Coaching Package if…

You’re not currently running the business of your dreams. You’re feeling overwhelmed and confused. You know you need to change but you don’t know who to believe or where to start.

Client feedback

Nuria Reed Profile Image“Working with Wildheart Media has been an extremely productive experience. Guy is wonderfully understanding and makes the confusing side of marketing and tech enjoyable. My business is in a clearer, stronger, and much more abundant place because of my work with Wildheart Media!” – Nuria Reed

Gabe Crane, Gen7Container“Working with Wildheart has been instrumental in helping me to see and understand the potential of my business. As a solopreneur, I’m often stuck within the realms of my own process which makes it really difficult to get perspective – and expand. In the coaching sessions, Guy completely renewed my enthusiasm for what I had been doing well, was honest about what I was doing poorly and highlighted the things that I needed to start doing asap. Looking forward to starting again when I’m ready for the next level.” Gabe Crane



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