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How to send files that are too big to email

In this month’s video Hannah has a great tip for sending large files, without having to mess around with Dropbox accounts or other online storage tools. All you need is one simple website!

Watch our 3-minute video, or read the transcript below, to find out more.

Video transcript

[00:00] Hi, it’s Hannah from Wildheart Media here. In today’s video I’m going to share a really useful way that you can share large files with people. So, most email clients only allow you to share files up to about 25MB, and if you have a file that’s larger than that, what do you do? So, it might be a video, it might be a large image, it might be a document.

[00:25] There’s this really useful tool you can use, that’s free, and it’s called WeTransfer.  And we use this a lot at Wildheart to send files to people. So, all you do is you go to wetransfer.com, and if this is the first time you’re visiting, you might need to just agree to their terms and conditions. And all you do is you go to ‘Add your files’ here. Now, you can see that you can add a file up to 2GB in size. If you do need to send anything bigger than that, you would need to upgrade to WeTransfer Plus. But this free version is great for anything up to 2GB.

[01:00] So, let’s say that we want to add this, we have a yoga photography guide which is a PDF and it’s almost 40MB, so it’s too big to send via email. So, I’m just going to attach that file there. And then, let’s say I’m just going to send it to myself actually, and it’s from me. And there’s space to put a message in here, which will come through in the person’s email inbox, and I usually just mention, so I’ve said ‘Hi there, Here’s the file we discussed. The link will expire in 7 days so remember to download it before then.’ WeTransfer does remind them in the email of this, but I always like to put it in the body text as well. So, they’ve got 7 days to download the file and then it’s theirs to keep forever. And if they’re not able to do it before then, you’ll have to send it to them again.

[02:00] So that’s all you do, you add all your information in here and hit ‘Transfer’. And then it will let you know once it’s done. You’ll get an email confirmation to tell you once it’s sent and also, once the person has downloaded the file, you’ll get another email confirmation, so you know that they’ve received it and they’ve downloaded it. And there you go, you can see it’s all been done, so that was actually really quick.

[02:30] So, that’s just a really useful tip, a really good tool you can use, wetransfer.com, to allow you to send any file up to 2GB in size. OK, I hope that’s helpful. And if you need any help with your marketing, if you’d like us to feature a tip in our next video, just fill out the form below this video. And I’ll see you next time. Thanks. Bye!