Content Kitchen 2: How do I get to No.1 on Google?

By Guy Anderson

How do I get to No.1 on Google?

In our 2nd Content Kitchen video, Guy answers the common question of how to get to No.1 on Google. The answer may surprise you!

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Brought to you on the first Friday of each month, Content Kitchen is a series of videos in which our co-founder Guy answers your content marketing questions. Why Content Kitchen? Because they’re recorded in Guy’s kitchen of course!

How do I get to No.1 on Google?

This month we tackle a question that we hear time and time again – How do I get to No.1 on Google? Some people are driven, or dare we say obsessed, by this question. They want to increase their search rankings, they want to get to the top, they want to be No.1.

But what does that actually mean? Is it even possible? And are they asking the right question to begin with? You’ll have to watch the video to find out – the answers may surprise you!

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