Our new Marketing Tips category features a series of videos from Wildheart’s Content Queen, Hannah. We’ll be sharing hot marketing tips via screencast videos, so you can see exactly how to do it yourself – making your life just that little bit easier!

Facebook’s best kept secret

In this month’s video Hannah shares a really helpful tool from Facebook for anyone wanting to share their web pages and blog posts on this network. It’s particularly useful if you want to re-share your content after updating the social media image or SEO data.

Watch our 3-minute video or read the transcript below.

Video transcript

[00:00] Hi, it’s Hannah from Wildheart Media here and welcome to our Marketing Tips video series. If you want to make sure your web pages and blog posts look great when you share them on social media, make sure you check out the first video in this series.

[00:15] In today’s video I’m going to show you how to make sure you’re always getting the latest social media image and SEO [search engine optimisation] data displaying when you share your pages and posts on Facebook. Now, this image is often referred to as an ‘og image’ and that stands for ‘open graph’, and open graph is basically the integration between your website and Facebook. Now, this is particularly useful if you’ve updated something on your page or post and you want to re-share it on Facebook, because what Facebook does is it always uses the cached version of your data, so when you change something you need to force it to update itself, to make sure that it’s displaying the right information when you share it.

[01:02] So, there’s a really useful tool that you can use to do this, and that tool – da da dah – is: the Facebook for Developers Sharing Debugger. So, this is on the Facebook for Developers website and I’ll put a link to this below the video. So, you can see here that we’re in the Sharing Debugger section and it says “Enter a URL to see the information that’s used when it’s shared on Facebook.”

[01:30] So, let’s say I’m going to share the Wildheart Media Yoga Businesses page. So, maybe I’ve changed something on this page, maybe I’ve updated the image or the SEO data, and I want to re-share it on Facebook. So what I’m going to do is copy that URL and just paste it into this field here and click Debug. And what you see, if you scroll down to this Link Preview section here, this will show you exactly how it’s going to display when you share it on Facebook. So, I can check I’ve got the right title here, the right description, and the right image is all pulling through.

[02:12] And, if you’ve changed something and that new information is not pulling through here, all you need to do is hit Scrape Again, and you can just keep hitting that button as many times as you need to until it pulls the right information through. You might have to hit it a few times, but basically that will force it to update its data, and then once you can see the Link Preview here is pulling through all the right data and the right image, then you can go ahead and share it on Facebook.

[02:45] So, that’s a really useful tool if you’re sharing any web pages or blog posts across Facebook, especially if you’re updating something and you want to make sure that that latest data is going to pull through when you share it. A really useful tool – the Sharing Debugger from Facebook for Developers. OK, I hope that was useful and I’ll see you next time. Thank you. Bye!