Brought to you on the first Friday of each month, Content Kitchen is a series of videos in which our co-founder Guy answers your content marketing questions. Why Content Kitchen? Because they’re recorded in Guy’s kitchen of course!

Do I even need a website?

As the power of social media increases, you could be forgiven for wondering whether it’s still relevant to have a website at all. Well, the simple answer is yes, definitely!

In this month’s video, Guy gives his top 3 reasons why you absolutely need a website in order to ensure the growth, and therefore the success, of your business.

What next?

One of Guy’s reasons in this video as to why you still need a website is to do with ownership. Who owns the content you publish online and how does this differ across your website and social media accounts?

Read our follow-up post Sharing and ownership: 2 keys to your content kingdom to find out more.