Content Kitchen 18: How to design a memorable logo for your business

By Guy Anderson

How to design a memorable logo for your business

Creating a memorable logo for your business is an integral part of the whole branding process. Watch our 3 minute video to learn more.

Brought to you on the first Friday of each month, Content Kitchen is a series of videos in which our co-founder Guy answers your content marketing questions. Why Content Kitchen? Because they’re recorded in Guy’s kitchen of course!

How to design a memorable logo for your business

In this month’s Content Kitchen video Guy explains the steps to create a memorable logo and gives some insights into the process that we use at Wildheart Media.

Read our guide “The 3 parts of a logo” by downloading the PDF below:

Download the PDF guide

Video highlights

01:32 Guy introduces the concept of the 3-part logo.
01:57 Guy explains how the 3 elements work together.
02:26 Guy gets into the Wildheart approach.
03:27 The last element of the logo is the style guide.

What next?

Jän Ostendorf, CEO of Purpose Branding continues the Anatomy of a brand series and in this last guest post looks at how your writing style and tone of voice should communicate your purpose, vision and mission. Take a look. From verbal to visual: How to bring your purpose and mission to life.

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