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Like most people we work with, you’ve probably invested a great deal of time and money on your WordPress website and marketing. The truth is, most companies still don’t have the right setup for their business to grow.

But we can change that for you…

Our packages are the best thing you’ll ever do for your marketing

But don’t just take our word for it… In this video one of our customers, David Keil of, explains how we’ve helped him transform his business.

“You helped me have the realisation that if I wanted my website to grow and my business to grow along with that, it wasn’t something I was going to be able to do myself.”
– David Keil

Here’s our plan to help you grow

Our content marketing packages are designed to get you set up right, one step at a time. This helps you to manage your costs, as you only pay for what you need.

Our packages

Starter Package

The best way to get going right now is with our starter package. You’ll get 5 hours of valuable consulting time, to be used as needed.

We’ll be your personal coach, giving you valuable insights into your website and marketing. You’ll learn what needs fixing on your website as well as lots of tips about how to get started with your marketing.

There’s absolutely no obligation to buy from us, so this can be a standalone package or the perfect springboard to take your marketing to the next level.

You need this if…
You want to start making progress with your website and marketing but you’re not sure what to do or where to begin.

Still not convinced? 
Check out Are you ready to market your yoga business? to find out the essential preparation every business needs before starting their marketing.

What’s included?

  • 5 hours of consulting time, depending on the needs of your business right now
  • For example, this could include: mini site review; review analytics; review SEO, site structure, site speed; identify and fix issues, and make recommendations for improvement



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SEO Package

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This means ensuring your website is being found for the most relevant search terms, or keywords.

The first step is getting to know your audience. This will help you understand what they want, how they behave online and how you can help them. So, we’ll apply our tried and tested deep research process, including competitor analysis, keyword research and topic research, giving you the valuable insights you need.

We’ll also carry out an in-depth SEO audit of your website, to ensure every page has the right information to be found in relevant searches. We’ll even teach you how to do this yourself, to give you the independence to progress with your marketing on your own.

You need this if…
You want to understand your audience better and ensure your website ranks highly in relevant searches.

Still not convinced?
Find out How to do keyword research and why it’s so important for your business.

What’s included?

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Topic research
  • Website content SEO audit
  • Implement SEO recommendations
  • Tutorial video: how to add SEO data to pages and posts



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Website Restructure

Your website should be the core of your marketing activity. It’s crucial to the success of your business that you guide people on a clear journey through your website.

There are two ways to do this. The first is ensuring your navigation is very logical and easy to use. The second is having compelling calls to action on every page that take people one step further on their journey.

We’ll put all this in place for you by reviewing and restructuring your website so your visitors can navigate with ease and enjoy the best experience.

You need this if…
You’re not sure if you’re getting the right messages across through your website and you want to better connect with your audience.

Still not convinced?
Read our 10 steps to a sound website structure to learn more about why the structure of your website is so much more important than the design.

What’s included?

  • Review or install Google Analytics
  • Review current site structure, including navigation, page goals and calls to action
  • Create new sitemap
  • Set up new site structure and calls to action, including page redirects



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Email Marketing Package

The best way to build a loyal audience who regularly engages with your business is through email marketing. Building a high quality mailing list means you have a captive audience to share your products and services with. It’s also the best way to share your blog posts.

We’ll set up your email marketing account or refine your existing one. We’ll set up your mailing list, or carry out important maintenance on your existing list. We’ll create a beautiful branded email template. And we’ll even send out your first email campaign for you.

A great way to start building your mailing list is to give away useful content in exchange for an email address. This is called a lead magnet. So, we’ll also design and create a lead magnet for you as well as the signup process on your website.

You need this if…
You want to grow your mailing list and build a loyal audience who regularly engages with your emails and website content.

Still not convinced?
Watch our 2-minute video Content Kitchen 8: What’s the best way to grow my audience online? to find out why email marketing is the best way to grow your audience.

What’s included?

  • Set up or refine email marketing account
  • Set up or refine mailing list, including migrating/importing contacts
  • Design branded email template
  • Design and create relevant lead magnet, including signup process
  • Send out first email campaign
  • Tutorial video: how to use email marketing



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Blog Package

The best way to engage with your customers and keep them coming back to your website is to start a blog. This will help build trust and credibility with your audience and establish your voice in your business niche.

To run a successful blog you need to be publishing high quality content that your audience will find useful, interesting and inspiring. And you need to do this regularly, like clockwork.

We’ll set up your new blog for you or refine your existing blog. We’ll help you organise your categories, agree a 3-month content schedule and even publish your first post. We’ll also give you all the tools you need to find and upload your own images and publish your own posts.

You need this if…
You want people to keep coming back to your website and you want to establish your authentic voice.

Still not convinced?
Check out How blogging became essential for content marketing your business and discover the power of blogging for building your customer base. If you run a yoga business, you’ll also want to read Downward facing blog: Do you need to be blogging as a yoga teacher?

What’s included?

  • Update layout and copy on blog landing/archive pages
  • Create new blog categories and re-categorise any existing blogs
  • Agree and create a 3-month content schedule
  • Schedule your first blog post, including editing, formatting, uploading and image creation
  • Tutorial videos: image creation; uploading a blog post



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Logo & Style Guide

It’s important that your business has a strong brand identity that resonates both with yourself and your audience. This identity should be weaved throughout all your marketing channels by way of your logo, typography and colour palette.

A great logo consists of 3 parts which fit together to create a compelling brand: the brand mark, brand name and strapline. We’ll design a stunning logo, using your existing ideas or inspiration as a starting point. We’ll then develop your fonts and colour palette and weave these together to create an indispensable style guide for your website and marketing.

We’ll even help you write a ‘one-liner’ for your business. This is a single sentence that clearly explains what your business offers and why people should buy from you. It helps you to organise the structure of your website and should underpin all your communications with your customers.

You need this if…
You don’t have a professionally designed logo, colour palette, corporate fonts, strapline or one-liner.

Still not convinced?
Read our guest post by branding expert Jän Ostendof of Purpose Branding From verbal to visual: How to bring your purpose and mission to life.

What’s included?

  • Design logo, incorporating 3 key elements (brand mark, brand name, strapline) 
  • Present 2 different design concepts in black & white
  • Develop chosen concept with colour palette and fonts
  • Create detailed style guide
  • Apply style guide to your website (if applicable)
  • Help you write your business one-liner



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Website Updates

If you have a WordPress website it will need to be kept up-to-date. But most businesses don’t have the time or technical skills to fix their site when bugs or issues arise.

We’ll keep your WordPress website updated on a weekly basis to ensure it’s safe, secure and free from bugs or glitches. This is an annual package, so is valid for 12 months from purchase.

We’ll also throw in 3 essential premium plugins that we believe every business should have. This will save you time and money compared to you buying and installing them yourself.

You need this if…
You have a WordPress website and don’t have the time or technical skills to fix the site when bugs or issues arise.

Still not convinced?
Watch our 3-minute video Simple Website Security for WordPress to find out why it’s so important to keep your WordPress website up to date.

What’s included?

  • Backup your website on a weekly basis
  • Manually check every page of your site following weekly backup
  • Update all plugins on a weekly basis
  • Manually check every page of your site following weekly updates
  • Fix any bugs, errors, issues or glitches found
  • Report any major issues to you with our recommendations



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Tailor-made Packages

Every business is unique and many of our clients have requirements that aren’t covered by any of our existing packages.

If you need help with anything that isn’t covered above then we can create a bespoke package just for you. You’ll always pay a fixed price for a tailor-made package.

You need this if…
You have unique requirements that aren’t covered by one of our existing packages.

What’s included?

  • Any aspect of website management or digital marketing that isn’t covered by our standard packages
  • Tell us what you need and we’ll let you know how we can help



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New Yoga Website

If you don’t have a website yet, we can help you create one. We know the yoga industry, we know your audience and we know what works.

We have a tried and tested template we’ll use as the basis for your new WordPress website. Of course, it will look unique as we’ll use your own logo, colours, fonts and styles. We’ll make sure visitors are taken on a clear journey through your site so they can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for.

We’ll even help you with your content and give you valuable advice about your images.

You need this if…
You don’t yet have a website and want to get results from a high impact layout balanced with performance and readability.

Still not convinced?
Our article Which website platform should you use for your yoga business? highlights the issues involved in deciding how and where to build your website. We can dissolve these headaches by building your website for you!

What’s included?

  • Agree site structure
  • Set up staging site
  • Apply logo, fonts and colours
  • Edit main copy and write calls to action, business ‘one-liner’ and SEO data for every page
  • Resize and upload images (including social media images)
  • Migrate to live server and test all pages, links, forms and email marketing integration



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Who you’ll be working with

illustration of the Wildheart team

At Wildheart we have a wealth of experience in helping businesses grow through their website and online marketing. Our co-founder Guy has spent over 20 years immersed in design and marketing. He ran a digital media agency in Brighton for many years before focussing his attention on the niche area of content marketing.

When you work with us you’ll be working closely with our experienced, knowledgeable and very friendly team. We want to get to know your business inside out so we can offer the best advice and make the right changes to help your business thrive. We’re really looking forward to meeting you and helping you grow.

Are you ready to transform your business?

30 day money back guaranteePerhaps you’re feeling a little nervous about taking that first step with us. But we’re confident we’ll do a great job for you, so that’s why we’re offering you a 30-day 100% money back guarantee – no questions asked.

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