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Friskvårdskollen is a sports clinic in Stockholm offering naprapathy, massage, rehabilitation and training.

Client feedback

Magnus Giertz, FriskvårdskollenMagnus Giertz, Friskvårdskollen

“As a sports clinic in Sweden, we really needed help with our marketing in this fast moving world. Our website had no real structure and our SEO wasn’t working for us either. Once we found Wildheart Media we knew they were the team for our mission!

From the start we were fascinated as we journeyed deeper and deeper into their website, with lots of useful content and smartly designed packages. We took one step (package) at a time and worked our way forward.

Guy and Hannah are so professional and educational, so it was really easy to follow the working process. We are very satisfied with the job they have done and we know this will be a long lasting partnership.”

– Magnus Giertz

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