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Danette Watson offers mindfulness meditation and stress reduction via classes, bespoke retreats and workshops on her beautiful Australian farm.

Client feedback

Danette Watson

New Website Package
“I found working with Guy and Hannah such a rich and almost self-indulgent process as they guided me to focus on Who I Am and What I Offer. At the same time, they are so imminently practical so they keep my creative impulses grounded and focused. I am so happy with our final result and whilst my website is always a work-in-progress, I feel I finally have a site that feels like me personally and works for me professionally. They are a great team!”

Brand Strategy Package
“I found the Brand Strategy Package so worthwhile and eye-opening. Hannah and Guy guided me through a process that helped me really understand myself, my motivations, my business, my expectations and hopes so much better. It was so useful to see it all laid out and the questions and framework they provided made things so much clearer. It seems crazy to launch into a new website without the clarity this brings.”

Logo Package
“The Logo Package is a beautiful creative collaboration that helps you bring your ideas and your brand personality to life. The final product was so much more than I could have come up with on my own. It’s so good to have Guy and Hannah’s professional experience helping to keep things in perspective.”

– Danette Watson

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