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Yogidia is a yoga learning platform and teacher community offering teacher training courses and free tools for qualified yoga teachers.

It’s all about the messaging

Yogidia is an online yoga teacher training provider based in Copenhagen. When we met the co-founders, Peter and Mads, they were looking for help with their sales and marketing. They needed to get their message out there and attract a wider audience. Their website and all their marketing materials are presented in English, but English is not their first language. Therefore, the first thing they needed to get super clear on was their messaging.

Yogidia decided to buy our Brand Strategy Package to help them get clear on their true values and purpose, refine their messaging and understand what products and services they could offer to their existing and new audiences.

Deep diving into the business

The first part of our Brand Strategy Package is to hold a 2-hour workshop with the client online. We asked Mads and Peter lots of important, and sometimes challenging, questions about their business, and used a tool called the Business Model Canvas to provide a framework for the workshop.

During the workshop we were able to get a deep understanding of both Peter’s and Mads’ personal values as well as why they started the business and what success would look like for them. They found the workshop incredibly useful, not only as a reminder of why they do what they do, but also to see their business from a new perspective and help them discover new opportunities for growth.

Presenting the findings

Following the workshop, we set to work preparing the branding document. We captured what had been discussed during the workshop, came up with ideas for Yogidia’s brand values, messaging, and the products and services they could offer, and made recommendations for next steps.

Getting unstuck

By delivering our Brand Strategy Package to Yogidia, we helped them get unstuck in seeing how they could level up and grow their business. They understood how key their messaging is to attracting new visitors to their website, as well as the importance of having a clear site structure with compelling calls-to-action to convert those visitors into customers. Not only that, but they really enjoyed the experience and found it a fascinating exercise - as did we!

Client feedback

Mads Brydegaard, Yogidia

“We were feeling a little stuck in our business and needed help with our sales funnel. The work we did with Guy and Hannah in the Brand Strategy Package was very useful, as it helped us more clearly define what we offer, who our audience is, and how to better communicate with our audience using the right messaging. We got some great recommendations off the back of our workshop together, and we really enjoyed the experience of going deep into our brand values and purpose. It was such a fascinating exercise, which we highly recommend to others!”

– Mads Brydegaard

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