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Yoganatomy is an online yoga anatomy resource offering courses, workshops, books and articles.

A long-term relationship

For many years, Wildheart Media has worked closely alongside David Keil, helping to grow his businesses: Yoganatomy, 3D Muscle Lab and Authentic Yoga Marketing. David is incredibly passionate, driven and successful at what he does. We continue to learn a great deal from each other through this close, collaborative working relationship.

Blogging strategy

Each month we work with Yoganatomy to get their popular and informative blog posts published on their website. They post almost every week and have a very well-organised process for doing this, as well as a great strategy that involves using categories, tags, an internal linking structure, social media auto-posting and good SEO.

Our part in the process

The Yoganatomy team uses a project management tool, Trello, to keep track of their blog publishing and to communicate the updates with us. So, each time a post is ready from their end, it’s over to us to do our part. We create the social graphic (using Photoshop), set up the social media auto-posting, proofread the content of the post and make suggestions for any edits needed.

Effective collaboration

Because there are a few different people involved in the whole process, it’s easier to keep each other accountable. Using project management software helps to keep us organised and notifies us when we need to take action. Working collaboratively in this way as part of a team – even though we live in different states and even countries – is a great way to stay connected when running a remote business whilst getting the job done efficiently.

Client feedback

David Keil

“You helped me have the realisation that if I wanted my website to grow and my business to grow along with that, it wasn’t something I was going to be able to do myself.”

– David Keil

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