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Yoga With Spirit is an Ashtanga-based yoga studio and training faculty near Philadelphia, PA, run by Amy Nobles Dolan.

Complementary packages

Amy bought our SEO (search engine optimisation) Package alongside our New Website Package. It’s a good idea to deliver these packages at the same time, as the findings from our research then feed into the SEO data used on the website, and some of the on-page copy, as well as generating ideas for blog topics.

Research process

The first part of our SEO Package involves our tried and tested in-depth research process. This consists of keyword research, topic research and competitor analysis.

Keyword research helps us to identify the best performing words and phrases that people are actually searching for online, that are highly relevant to Amy’s business.

Topic research reveals the most popular articles being shared online around the high performing relevant keywords already identified.

Competitor analysis compares Amy’s business against her competitors in terms of organic vs paid advertising, high ranking keywords, web traffic and social media presence - so we can identify where the gaps and opportunities are for her.

SEO audit

The second part of our SEO Package involves a full audit of our client’s website to capture their existing SEO data. We then carefully rewrite this data - focus keyword, SEO title and meta description - using the findings from our research to guide us. Finally, we apply this data to every page of the website, including editing page headings and URLs in some cases, plus adding any necessary URL redirections.

Local SEO

One of the most important parts of any SEO strategy, particularly for a location-based yoga studio like Amy’s, is local SEO. This means ensuring our keyword research includes location-based terms, as well as featuring the physical address in the footer of the website, so that Google can clearly see where the business is located.

Long-term strategy

Organic SEO is a long-term strategy. The work we’ve delivered under this package will help to ensure that Amy’s website starts to appear higher in search rankings for relevant keywords that people are actually searching for to find the kinds of services she offers.

Client feedback

Amy Nobles Dolan, Yoga With Spirit

SEO Package
“I invested in Wildheart’s SEO package with the hope of reaching more people through my website. The research they did to get to know not only my business exceeded my expectations. Wildheart helped me to understand my potential audience and what kind of internet searches they are doing. Wildheart also helped me to understand my competitors and to use specific language on my site that has driven my site to the top of Google’s suggestions in each of my niches. I am thrilled and quite excited to see how my business grows over this first year with my newly ‘optimized’ site.”

New Website Package
“Though I already had a website, after consulting with Wildheart, we decided buying their new website package would be more efficient than asking them to restructure the old site. (Wildheart seems to always be trying to save me money! Yay them!)

The design process (at least from my end) was really quite smooth. I answered a questionnaire and then we had a long kick-off meeting. The team kept me updated on their progress along the way. When they needed materials and content from me, their requests were quite clear. Best yet, their guidance and vision really helped me along the way.

I love my new site! (More importantly, so do my students and clients!) While I think it is beautiful, what most excites me is how easy it is to navigate. Each page is clear and easy to find and even easier to understand. Wildheart worked with my photos and my copy to make it all more elegant and refined. The new site makes my business look more professional than ever!

Truly, cannot recommend this team more to anyone looking to develop a new web presence with their business!”

Blog Package
“Wildheart Media’s blog package helped me transform my 10-year-old blog not only into a beautiful, clear new format, but into a navigable archive of material that I hope will be an asset to my readers. Hannah is an excellent teacher – she showed me how to write better titles, use subheadings, choose tags that serve as blog categories, and select and reformat images for each post. The new URLs are already helping to connect me with new readers. I never could have done this level of overhaul on my own. This package was such a valuable investment. I’m super happy that I took the plunge and hope you do too!”

Email Marketing Package
“Wildheart helped me streamline my old way of reaching my customers into a regular, professional looking email communication system. My new monthly newsletter is perfect – I can highlight events, share news and lovingly prod my customers to visit the site or my studio again.

The how-to videos for creating and editing the newsletter are super helpful and easy to follow, even for people who are not tech savvy (that’s me!) Thanks to Wildheart keeping in touch with my clients and marketing, my business is a breeze!”

“In the months since I chose Wildheart to create my website and improve my email communications, they have started to feel like colleagues. They are quickly available to answer my questions and even reach out to me when they see something that needs fixing.

Working with them is effortless and enjoyable! They are always kind, prompt and professional. They take their time with complicated projects and find an efficient way to make these ideas come to fruition. They are excellent researchers, editors, writers, artists and programmers.

If you’re trying to choose a company to help you build a web presence, look no further. You could choose no better than the team at Wildheart!”

– Amy Nobles Dolan

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