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Creating a clearer structure

Although Will Harvey’s previous website was visually appealing, it didn’t have a clear structure or navigation, so it was difficult to find the information you needed or know where to go next.

As part of our Website Restructure Package we helped Will get clearer about the different audiences he wanted to attract. We then made changes to the structure, layout and design of the site in order to reflect these. This included adding a “What I Offer” page with clear audience segmentation.

Resonating with the audience

For the individual services pages, we helped Will speak more directly to his different audiences by encouraging him to write resonating sentences that show he understands their challenges and pain points.

Adding new pages and calls-to-action

We redesigned his homepage, added a Prices page for clearer transparency around his fees, and turned his contact page into “Book a Free Consultation”, highlighting this as a button in the main navigation.

We made sure every page has at least one compelling call-to-action, so visitors know where to go next as they’re taken on a smooth journey through the site.

Focussing on local SEO

We also created a pre-footer that appears on every page, with a footer menu, contact details, a map, and a link to read more about Will. As he’s based in London, local SEO (search engine optimisation) is very important for his business. On his previous website it was actually very difficult to find out where he was based, so we’ve made this much more prominent.

Before and after video

In this before and after video you can see some of the changes we made to Will's site as part of our Website Restructure Package.

Client feedback

Will Harvey “I’ve really enjoyed working with you so far, am thrilled with the site and would love to continue working with you.” – Will Harvey

Case studies

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