The Yoga Spot Logo

Developing the design concepts

The Yoga Spot was due to move to a new venue in August 2018, so it was the perfect time for them to update their logo, as well as redesign their website.

We worked closely with Michele Ross, the owner, in the initial stages of the Logo & Style Guide package, drawing on her personal sources of inspiration as a basis for designing the brand mark and developing the colour palette. We created a few different design concepts before settling on a mandala (a mystical symbol representing the universe) in the shape of a flower.

The Yoga Spot Logo - Concept #1:

The Yoga Spot Logo - Concept #1

The Yoga Spot Logo - Concept #2:

The Yoga Spot Logo - Concept #2

The Yoga Spot Logo - Concept #3:

The Yoga Spot Logo - Concept #3

Crafting a one-liner

At the same time, we helped Michele write a business one-liner to describe what The Yoga Spot offers. This was based on the kind of language that Michele uses to describe her yoga studio, and the strapline for her yoga business - Serene in Aberdeen - was inspired by the one-liner:

Looking for a tranquil yoga studio in Aberdeen?
Our friendly, experienced teachers will make you feel at home, so you feel completely supported, both in your yoga practice, and beyond.

Creating a style guide

Once we’d developed the colour palette and typography, we put this together with the finished logo to create a style guide for Michele’s business. This sets out how the logo, colours and typography should work together in different elements of a web page, e.g. headings, sub-headings, buttons, coloured panels, text over images, etc.

The Yoga Spot Style Guide

Applying the style guide to the website

The final step in the process was to apply the completed logo and style guide to Michele’s brand new website, to give The Yoga Spot a fresh new look and a consistent, professional brand identity.

Client feedback

Michele Ross, The Yoga Spot “Knowing that Hannah and Guy from Wildheart had worked with some colleagues on their websites and marketing, and liking the results, it was an obvious choice for me to work with them. Both being from a yoga background helped immensely in understanding exactly what was needed for the Yoga Spot going forward. Dealing with Hannah and Guy has made, what could have been a challenging project, joyful, fun and inspiring.” – Michele Ross

Case studies

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