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Stillpoint Yoga London offers Ashtanga yoga and mindfulness classes, workshops and retreats in London, abroad and online.

Building a successful partnership

We've been working closely with Scott over the years as he develops and grows his yoga business. He’s already bought a Logo & Style Guide Package and an ongoing Monthly Package from us, but we also continue to support Scott in other ways through our Consulting Work.

Together, the Monthly Package and Consulting Work ensure that Stillpoint’s essential business activities are properly executed each month, whilst we also take the time to work on extra growth and development. It’s an effective combination of packages for businesses really looking to move the needle.

Developing the website

As Scott’s business continues to evolve, so too does the needs and requirements of his website. We’ve done lots of technical work in the building of new pages and sections where necessary, but we’ve also been involved with the finer points of copywriting and communication by helping them clarify what they offer.

Annual event promotion

Each year we help Stillpoint Yoga to promote their programme of summer workshops, handling everything from the key website content down to their external communications.

We created a content schedule to establish a consistent level of published content that can drive traffic for the workshops. Plus, we also developed a series of timely email marketing campaigns to engage existing clients and get them involved with the new events.

Email marketing

Our email marketing support didn’t stop with the annual summer workshops; we helped Scott to completely renew his mailing lists and systems too.

By reorganising his mailing lists and creating opt-in groups on the sign-up forms, we introduced an efficient means for Scott to segment his audience based on what they’d like to hear about. Ultimately this is a win for everyone: the audience receives more relevant email communications and Scott doesn’t waste any time or energy writing emails for the wrong people.

We also helped to bring Stillpoint’s email systems up to speed with modern best practices and compliance requirements, making sure he’s always on the right side of GDPR.

Launching the online shop

Stillpoint sells a range of eco-friendly t-shirts, and we helped them launch the shop on their online website. Through a simple WooCommerce integration, visitors can quickly and easily purchase some new wardrobe additions just as they can a class pass.

Creating a new podcast section

In 2019, Scott launched Stillpoints, a fantastic new podcast exploring the practice of yoga in modern culture. Naturally, we built a home for the podcast on the Stillpoint website so that visitors could find it, and so that Scott could reap the SEO benefits of his new content.

For each podcast, we created a unique page to host the podcast audio itself (via the Libsyn player) and to provide additional show notes. This is a fantastic way to increase visitor “Time on Page” and the number of relevant keywords in the eyes of Google, both having a positive impact on organic growth.

Client feedback

Scott Johnson

“The last 12 months have seen an enormous amount of change and growth for our business and Wildheart has been with us all the way, helping us evolve how we nurture our audience and support our community.

But the best thing of all is that with Guy we have a supportive and encouraging marketing expert just a Skype call away. He’s our ‘go-to-Guy’ for all our digital marketing strategy and we see our relationship with Wildheart as like having our very own marketing department.”

– Scott Johnson

Case studies

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