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Stillpoint Yoga London offers Ashtanga yoga and mindfulness classes, workshops and retreats in London, abroad and online.

Setting the scene

We’ve been working with Scott of Stillpoint Yoga for many years. We helped him build his website a few years back, he bought our Logo & Style Guide Package, we delivered a bespoke Monthly Package for several years, and we’ve also done lots of consulting work for his business too.

More recently, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Scott realised that he needed to take most of his offerings online, at least for the time being. His business was also naturally morphing to include more mindfulness as well as yoga. This meant he needed to re-envision his business model and rethink his brand, so he needed help getting clear on how to do this.

Holding the branding workshop

Over the course of a 2-hour workshop, we asked Scott lots of important, and sometimes challenging, questions about his business. We used a tool called the Business Model Canvas to provide a framework for the workshop.

We dived deep into Scott’s values and the purpose of his business, as well as his ideas and goals for the future. We discussed ways he could level up his business model, including various membership options. This helped him to see his business from a new perspective and discover new opportunities available to him.

Preparing the branding document

Following the workshop, we set to work preparing the branding document. We captured what had been discussed during the workshop, came up with ideas for Stillpoint’s brand values, messaging, and the products and services Scott could offer, and made recommendations for next steps.

Tying it all together

We then presented our document to Scott, running through our findings and ideas with him. He now has this document to refer back to and give him inspiration, as he continues to move forward in a slightly different direction, shifting the focus of his business to keep up with these challenging and changing times.

Client feedback

Scott Johnson

“The last 12 months have seen an enormous amount of change and growth for our business and Wildheart has been with us all the way, helping us evolve how we nurture our audience and support our community.

But the best thing of all is that with Guy we have a supportive and encouraging marketing expert just a Skype call away. He’s our ‘go-to-Guy’ for all our digital marketing strategy and we see our relationship with Wildheart as like having our very own marketing department.”

– Scott Johnson

Case studies

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