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SPACE is a peaceful yoga studio on the Isle of Man offering group & private classes, workshops and retreats in Yin yoga, rope yoga and meditation.

An inspiring journey

Our work with the lovely Dee at SPACE Yoga began with listening to her inspiring journey of how she got to where she was. Having first discovered yoga due to a frozen shoulder injury, Dee quickly realised the benefits of yoga went way beyond the physical, and that the healing power of the practice was life-changing for her. She fell in love with Yin yoga and started practising and training more deeply.

Although Dee had never intended to become a teacher, a combination of her passion for the practice and Covid lockdowns saw her teaching friends, first in-person and then online, and her following on the Isle of Man quickly grew. She also settled more deeply into her beautiful yoga studio within her family’s furniture store and began teaching workshops and retreats as well as classes. She now needed some help to upscale the business and build an even better reputation for herself.

Clarifying the brand values

Using our standard framework, the Business Model Canvas, we asked Dee a series of reflective and probing questions to help her understand the values at the core of her brand, as well as her mission, purpose and goals for the future. These were the core values we identified for Dee:

  • Offering an accessible, straightforward approach to yoga.
  • Creating a supportive space to promote change in others.
  • Encouraging peace and calmness through releasing and letting go.
  • Empowering others to feel better about themselves through a sense of achievement.

Identifying obstacles

In the brand strategy document we produced for Dee, we identified the challenges and obstacles she’s currently facing in growing her yoga business. We also offered suggestions and recommendations of meeting and overcoming these challenges in the most appropriate way for both her own and her brand’s personality.

Crafting the messaging

One of the most important parts of our Brand Strategy Package is clarifying the messaging. This means writing a carefully crafted ‘business one-liner’ based on the brand values that resonates with the target audiences of the brand.

Dee is passionate about helping people make positive changes in their lives, as yoga did for her. She wants her teaching to be truly accessible to all and knows the importance of creating peace and space in our lives. So, this is the one-liner we created for her:

Looking for a more peaceful life?
Our accessible approach to yoga empowers you
To create the space you need  

You can see how the messaging works well with the imagery, colours and typography that we later designed for her new website:

Client feedback

Dee Stockman, SPACE Yoga Studio

“Hannah & Guy make a great marketing team and have helped me strategise my business & brand to create a beautiful new website. Hannah has taught me with great patience how to manage the website and handles all the SEO aspects for the site.

The whole process from beginning to end has been seamless and working with them has opened my mind to new opportunities I could never have imagined. Thank you both.”

– Dee Stockman

Read the details of what’s included in the:

Brand Strategy Package