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Rita is an integrative counsellor who helps her clients discover their true worth and the courage to express their vulnerability - both online and in Brighton & Hove, UK.

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Kicking off the project

We’d been working with Rita on and off for a while, helping her to refresh her content and make minor updates to her website. However, the more 'sticking plasters' we put over her existing website, the less clear it became what she offered. Finally, she decided it was time to start again and create a brand new site.

Refreshing the brand

Along with a new website, Rita also wanted a new logo and colour palette to refresh the look and feel of her brand. We worked with her to come up with the key concept of growth, designing a simple butterfly logo with the strapline, 'helping you grow'.

Clarifying the messaging

As we got to work on Rita’s website, we also helped her clarify her messaging. Rita was able to get clear on the primary way she helps her clients, so we featured this prominently on the homepage: 'Helping you discover your true worth and the courage to express your vulnerability'.

Presenting the services

We worked with Rita to identify the key services she offers. As a counsellor, she could either focus on the issues she helps her clients overcome, or on the methods she uses to do this. We agreed it was more important to focus on the issues, as these are her clients’ pain points. In many ways, it doesn’t matter what methods are being used, as long as the issues are being tackled, and hopefully resolved.

Launching the blog

Rita knew how important blogging would be for her business, and was keen to get this off the ground. We encouraged her to do this by suggesting blog topics, keeping her accountable for writing new posts, publishing the posts for her, complete with correctly sized images, and showing her how to format, publish, and share her own posts moving forward.

Another happy client

The end result is a beautifully designed, professional, marketing-driven website that’s fully responsive on every device. The supportive, encouraging messaging has been written with her audience in mind, the site has a well-defined user journey, and each page has a clear call-to-action to let visitors know what they should do next. The primary call-to-action of the whole site, which every step of the journey leads to, is to book a free consultation with Rita using her contact page.

Rita’s super happy with the end result, and so are we! You can learn more about the changes we made and why in our before and after video below.

Before and after video

Client feedback

Rita Brophy

“I would highly recommend using Wildheart Media to create a website that really stands out from the rest in every way. Both Hannah and Guy really understand what clients need to find when they are looking for help and land on your website. They seem to know what to create with empathy in mind.”

– Rita Brophy

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