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Nuria Reed is a teacher, healer and mentor. She's part of a new breed of wellbeing entrepreneurs embracing technology to alleviate suffering.

Are you part of a new generation of wellbeing entrepreneurs looking to level up your business?

Nuria reached out to Wildheart, curious about how our packages could help her transform her business. It became clear in her free consultation that Nuria was ambitious and wanted to leverage her website and technology more effectively. She also had the skills to update her own website herself.

Our coaching package turned out to be a great fit as she wanted strategic advice and knew she needed someone to help keep her accountable. Nuria renewed her coaching package and we ended up working together for a period of 9 months.

Want to stay on track?

Most solo-preneurs have this struggle: constantly switching between the urgent tasks (e.g. paying that bill or preparing for tonight’s class) and the important tasks (e.g. writing the outline for that online course you’ve been thinking about creating). Important tasks are often overshadowed by the immediacy of what needs to get done today, but these are the things that help keep your business moving forward.

In our sessions we helped Nuria get clarity on what those important tasks were.

What’s your strategy?

Nuria knew in which direction she wanted to take her business, but wasn’t clear about how to get there or what her next steps needed to be. Our sessions were useful to get her focused on the next steps to move forward.

Not earning enough?

Wellbeing entrepreneurs often feel conflicted about money. This can make it difficult to grow your business. Nuria started working with Wildheart in March 2020 as the world went into a global lockdown. Like many teachers, she lost a lot of her regular group and private classes income.

By our third session of working together Nuria had organised her first online Zoom course, generating much needed revenue that gave her room to move and space to breathe. She also recorded and edited the live sessions to create her first online course to deliver on her own website.

Got too many ideas?

Most of our clients are very creative people with lots of ideas. But this can make it hard to know what to prioritise. We were able to act as a sounding board for Nuria as she talked through her ideas and visions.

Lost in the details?

Are you a big picture person who gets lost in the details? Most of our clients lack the tech skills or marketing savvy to realise their dreams. We were able to answer specific questions that had been bothering Nuria to help her break through these obstacles.

On a tight budget but still want to grow?

Our coaching package is perfect for you if you’re a wellbeing entrepreneur on a tight budget who’s ambitious and still wants to grow your business.

Client feedback

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“Working with Wildheart Media has been an extremely productive experience. Guy is wonderfully understanding and makes the confusing side of marketing and tech enjoyable. My business is in a clearer, stronger, and much more abundant place because of my work with Wildheart Media!”

– Nuria Reed

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