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Maria Boox offers pranayama and Ashtanga yoga workshops, private classes and retreats in Sweden and further afield.

Bilingual keyword research

Maria lives in Sweden, but teaches to an international audience. So, in order to effectively capture both local and global organic traffic, it was important to optimise her website for Swedish as well as English.

Targeting non-English speaking audiences can be a powerful SEO strategy – as the competition tends to be much lower for relevant keywords – but with Maria’s first language being Swedish, it’s a clear-cut direction to take.

For Maria, this meant publishing multilingual content on the website (facilitated by a plugin we installed for her) but for us, it also meant performing multilingual keyword research. We developed separate lists of keyword opportunities in each language, ranked by potential search volume and difficulty.

Translating research to content

Armed with our new research data, we were able to evaluate what kinds of content would work best for our target keywords. For Maria’s website, this meant investigating a wide range of yoga related keywords, and identifying how the successful content was titled, structured and delivered (in both English and Swedish of course).

This helps us develop a better understanding of the industry as a whole, but more specifically it allows us to come up with a range of new blog post ideas. So now, Maria has a list of keyword opportunities to target, and a content roadmap to achieve them.

Global website performance tests

Effectively analysing website speed is always a challenge, as it depends heavily on where you are in relation to the website servers. Plus, with Maria’s website having both an English and a Swedish version, it was important to assess both independently. That’s why we always repeat our tests from several areas in the world in order to get a well-rounded speed index.

Evaluating the competition

Competition analysis can be a challenge for websites targeting more than one region, so we made sure to hone in on her most relevant Swedish competitors.

Our analysis process identifies their traffic sources, and ultimately paints a detailed picture of how the competition is performing in the online space. Our subsequent research found several paid and organic opportunities that Maria could exploit, and we further refined our content strategy after seeing that many competitors were not actively blogging at all.

Client feedback

Maria Boox Yoga

“Through their engagement from the heart and deep knowledge about the cyberworld and yoga, Wildheart has brought me to another level in the way I reach out to my students. They’ve also helped me through my fear and insecurity when it comes to new challenges in my teaching and with my website.

My beautiful website is a gem and I’m so happy with it. Wildheart’s creative and structural process combined with their heartfelt engagement truly makes magic! Without Guy, my Deepening Course would never have been the way I wanted it to be, and I’m very proud of it. Hannah is a support beyond words – she’s kind, sharp and quick, with a talent for writing. I could not have wished for more.

Wildheart has also helped me get over my fears and barriers around writing. I never thought I’d be writing blogs and creating newsletters the way I do today, which brings me closer to my students and helps me connect with them wherever I am in the world. Since I’m a travelling teacher this is a very important channel for me.

Lately I’ve also started to create online courses with Wildheart, who keep me structured and help me to be creative. I feel they truly see me and my needs, both as a human being and as a yoga teacher. They’ve helped me to create a business that comes from the heart. Thank you from my heart to yours!”

– Maria Boox

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