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Maria Boox offers pranayama and Ashtanga yoga workshops, private classes and retreats in Sweden and further afield.

A complete website overhaul

Maria’s old website was a true monument to old web design trends. Featuring an (enforced) Flash-based intro reel and a rigid content frameset across the entire website, it desperately needed a design overhaul to bring it in line with modern best practices for the web. As part of our legacy Website Redesign Package, we overhauled the entire website. If you check out the before and after video at the bottom of this page, you’ll see that the old site is now completely unrecognisable.

We added more of Maria!

If you’ve seen the old website you may have noticed how Maria herself hardly featured on the website. A lot of emphasis was placed on traditional yoga imagery, and Maria’s own character and personality was missing. Now she features front-and-centre on a new homepage hero image, with a set of headings that immediately emphasise the value Maria brings to her students.

A fully responsive design

These days, a fully responsive website is an absolute must, and Maria’s old website wouldn’t even adapt to desktop screens of different sizes, let alone the multitude of mobile devices out there now. Mobile is now the primary way in which people browse the internet, and if your website can’t effectively resize to a mobile screen, you’re instantly cutting out a huge amount of visitors – and therefore potential business too. Plus, your visitors aren’t the only ones judging your mobile experience. Google now practises mobile-first indexing, so your search rankings are directly influenced by your website’s ability to effectively display on mobile. The new website now seamlessly adapts to any device or screen size, allowing for the best possible user experience.

We built in natural audience segmentation

Audience segmentation is an effective way to direct visitors to the right kinds of content on the website. The easier you can make it for visitors to find what they’re looking for, the more likely they are to convert to paying customers. On Maria’s new website, the homepage invites visitors to continue based on their personal or professional yoga situation (e.g. teachers, studios and practitioners), and then later in the journey, yoga practitioners are further split into beginners or experienced to ensure they’re signing up for the right level of classes.

Before and after video

Client feedback

Maria Boox Yoga

“Through their engagement from the heart and deep knowledge about the cyberworld and yoga, Wildheart has brought me to another level in the way I reach out to my students. They’ve also helped me through my fear and insecurity when it comes to new challenges in my teaching and with my website.

My beautiful website is a gem and I’m so happy with it. Wildheart’s creative and structural process combined with their heartfelt engagement truly makes magic! Without Guy, my Deepening Course would never have been the way I wanted it to be, and I’m very proud of it. Hannah is a support beyond words – she’s kind, sharp and quick, with a talent for writing. I could not have wished for more.

Wildheart has also helped me get over my fears and barriers around writing. I never thought I’d be writing blogs and creating newsletters the way I do today, which brings me closer to my students and helps me connect with them wherever I am in the world. Since I’m a travelling teacher this is a very important channel for me.

Lately I’ve also started to create online courses with Wildheart, who keep me structured and help me to be creative. I feel they truly see me and my needs, both as a human being and as a yoga teacher. They’ve helped me to create a business that comes from the heart. Thank you from my heart to yours!”

– Maria Boox

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