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Maria Boox offers pranayama and Ashtanga yoga workshops, private classes and retreats in Sweden and further afield.

The multilingual challenge

After redesigning Maria’s website, she also wanted to relaunch her blog. Maria lives in Sweden and Swedish is her first language, so she wanted her posts to be in both Swedish and English, as she teaches globally and has an international audience. We were able to meet this need by installing and setting up a WordPress plugin called WPML (WordPress Multilingual).

Blog publishing

Each month, Maria would write a blog post in Swedish, which we would then translate into English for her. We would prep the post in WordPress, adding relevant formatting, finding and resizing images, setting the URL, writing the excerpt and SEO data, and scheduling it for publishing. We would also create the Swedish version of the post using WPML, so that it could be read in both languages on her website.

Sending monthly newsletters

For some time now, we’ve been working closely with Maria to make sure her monthly newsletters reach her audience accurately and on time. We helped her transition to Mailchimp from another email marketing provider, and also helped clean her mailing list.

Each month we edit and prepare her content for the newsletter (in both Swedish and English), add images and links to the events on her website, write an engaging subject line, create a social post, and schedule the campaign like clockwork.

Saving valuable time

Handling Maria’s blogs and newsletters for her each month saves her valuable time and stress. We keep her accountable with deadlines, she sends over the raw content, and we do the rest. So she gets peace of mind that we’re doing all the tasks she prefers not to do, and can get back to doing what she loves - teaching yoga!

Client feedback

Maria Boox Yoga

“Through their engagement from the heart and deep knowledge about the cyberworld and yoga, Wildheart has brought me to another level in the way I reach out to my students. They’ve also helped me through my fear and insecurity when it comes to new challenges in my teaching and with my website.

My beautiful website is a gem and I’m so happy with it. Wildheart’s creative and structural process combined with their heartfelt engagement truly makes magic! Without Guy, my Deepening Course would never have been the way I wanted it to be, and I’m very proud of it. Hannah is a support beyond words – she’s kind, sharp and quick, with a talent for writing. I could not have wished for more.

Wildheart has also helped me get over my fears and barriers around writing. I never thought I’d be writing blogs and creating newsletters the way I do today, which brings me closer to my students and helps me connect with them wherever I am in the world. Since I’m a travelling teacher this is a very important channel for me.

Lately I’ve also started to create online courses with Wildheart, who keep me structured and help me to be creative. I feel they truly see me and my needs, both as a human being and as a yoga teacher. They’ve helped me to create a business that comes from the heart. Thank you from my heart to yours!”

– Maria Boox

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