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Leigh offers 1-to-1 and group spiritual direction/coaching, plus online courses, helping people to reconnect to their inner truth and empowering them on their journey through life.

Setting the scene

Leigh approached us on the recommendation of one of our existing clients, looking for help with website and blog creation. After getting a better understanding of where Leigh was at with her business, it was obvious that our Brand Strategy Package was the best place for her to start.

Having experienced a full-on spiritual awakening, which radically changed her life, Leigh is keen to support others through similar crises and help them make sense of their own lives. Although she was already offering spiritual coaching to groups and individuals, she also wanted to offer courses and start a blog, she didn’t currently have a website, and she needed help clarifying the purpose of her brand as well as her messaging.

Holding the branding workshop

Over the course of the 2-hour workshop, we asked Leigh lots of important, and sometimes challenging, questions about herself and her work. We used a tool called the Business Model Canvas to provide a framework for the workshop.

By allowing Leigh this valuable time to talk about her brand, we were able to tease out her true values and purpose and uncover some important and intriguing insights. Leigh also shared with us her fascinating personal story, which led to her desire to help others going through similar experiences. This allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of who she is, where her passions lie, and where she could ultimately take her business in the future.

Preparing the branding document

Following the workshop, we set to work preparing the branding document. We captured what had been discussed during the workshop, came up with ideas for Leigh’s brand values, messaging, and the products and services she could offer, and made recommendations for next steps.

Tying it all together

We then presented our document to Leigh, running through our findings and ideas with her. We offered suggestions around whether she should use her own name or a separate name for her brand, came up with some strapline ideas, and also wrote some possible ‘one-liners’ to capture the essence of what she offers and convey it to her potential audience in a clear, engaging way.

Read the details of what’s included in the:

Brand Strategy Package