Kadampa Meditation Centre Southampton

KMC Southampton (Kadampa Meditation Centre) offers meditation classes, courses, workshops and retreats for all, regardless of experience or beliefs.

The brief

As part of the overhaul that Kadampa Meditation Centre (KMC) Southampton were doing to their branding and website, they decided to also buy our SEO Package. This would give them deeper insights into the best performing keywords to use throughout their web copy, data-driven ideas for future blog topics and a closer look at how their marketing efforts compare to that of their competitors.

Keyword research

The first half of our SEO Package involves our in-depth research process. First, we carried out detailed keyword research to identify the actual words and phrases people type in online when looking for the kinds of services that KMC offers, i.e. meditation classes, courses, workshops and retreats. From our core list, we also identified related keywords that had the same meaning but performed even higher in organic search results (high volume; low competition).

In their case, we divided the keywords into subsections: related to their business generally; related to beginners/learning; related to issues/emotions; location-specific; related to online services; and related to workplace meditation.

Topic research

Next, we carried out important topic research to find the most popular online content related to KMC’s current and future offerings. This will help to steer their ideas for future blog posts, to ensure they’re producing content that their audience actually wants to read, and to pitch them well against their competitors.

Competitor analysis

The final part of the research is competitor analysis. This identifies how KMC Southampton fares against its competitors in terms of organic vs paid advertising, high ranking keywords, web traffic, marketing channels and social media presence. This helps to identify gaps and opportunities they can take advantage of, in order to improve their performance and rankings compared to their competitors.

SEO audit

The second half of our SEO package involved a full audit of the SEO data – focus keyword, SEO title, meta description – featured on KMC’s current website. We then rewrote this data for the new site, based on the findings from our research. This is a complex task, making sure the right keywords are included in the right places, but keeping the copy clear and engaging, because SEO data should always be written for people first, then search engines.

Some surprising results

We weren’t particularly surprised to find that keywords around the topic of meditation have fairly high volumes in the UK, but some of the competition levels were lower than we were expecting. As part of the related keywords exercise, we discovered several highly relevant keyword phrases that would work well as blog titles, which had high volume but low competition.

We were also surprised to find many keywords related to issues and emotions, e.g. anxiety, stress and depression, that had high volume and low competition. We recommended to KMC that they try to incorporate some of these keywords into the names of their courses, blog posts and other web copy where relevant, so that people searching for these topics online are more likely to find KMC’s website and the great work they offer.

Client feedback

Gen Kelsang Lekma, KMC Southampton

“I think our website looks gorgeous! I’m sure it will be much easier and more attractive for people to browse now. Let’s hope we can keep all your good work going. It was very good to work with you, Guy – your understanding, enthusiasm and wish to help us was very uplifting.  Hannah also was so helpful and easy to work with. Although of course I’m delighted the site is up and running, I am slightly sad that we won’t have any reason to pick your mind and hear your ideas! Many thanks for all the work, thought and endless hours.”

– Gen Kelsang Lekma

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