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Justine Rowan offers weekly yoga classes in Sussex, UK, as well as workshops and retreats further afield.

Consulting with the experts

We've worked closely with Justine over the years on various projects, and we continue to support her with growing her yoga business. It’s thanks to our intricate knowledge of her business – and our great working relationship with Justine – that we’re best positioned to help her implement changes and new features, or troubleshoot any problems that arise.

The truth is, different businesses have different needs, and growth always brings with it new challenges and opportunities. Our Consulting Work services are there to help address any unique business needs you might have.

Bringing the mailing list up-to-date

In recent years, having an effective email marketing system and mailing list has become much more complicated. Partly because email marketing tools have become more sophisticated, but more so because of the increasing amount of legal obligations that businesses must fulfil in collecting data or sending emails.

We helped Justine get GDPR compliant by updating her sign-up forms and privacy policy, and we used this opportunity to update and reorganise her mailing list. By adding opt-in groups to her sign-up forms, Justine is better able to segment her list – increasing her ability to target different audiences with more relevant communications.

A new integrated payment and booking system

Modern yogis have come to expect a quick and simple online booking process, and we helped Justine implement exactly that on her website.

Seamlessly integrated into the class schedule, the booking and payment systems that we installed allow visitors to find and directly book onto a class. The same system applies to her events section too, so visitors can easily book and pay for a retreat or workshop from their respective pages.

Fresh messaging

Copywriting is a powerful tool in online marketing, but it can take some practice to execute effectively. Sometimes it helps to have an outside perspective, and we were able to help Justine improve how she communicates with her audience in a number of ways.

Covering everything from her website messaging to the contents of her new email campaigns, more effective communication can have a significant impact on engagement and conversions.

Client feedback

Justine Rowan Yoga

“The online booking system is making a huge difference, I’m delighted with it.”

– Justine Rowan

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