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Iriness is a yoga and wellbeing centre in the heart of Horsham, UK, offering yoga classes, workshops and treatments.

Starting the right way

Irina was still busy setting up her new yoga and wellbeing centre when she reached out to us. Starting with a clean slate, Irina needed a modern website to attract customers to the centre, and that required us to develop a complete brand package to go with it.

Pairing the Logo and Style Guide Package and New Website Package is the best way to create a cohesive brand experience right from beginning. We designed a new logo, developed her colour palette and fonts, and created an in-depth style guide to use across the new website and marketing.

Building a versatile WordPress website

To give Irina a website that’s fast and flexible, we built a fully responsive WordPress website based on our tried-and-tested yoga template.

It’s designed to naturally guide visitors through the site towards the most relevant content for them, and ultimately to a final conversion point where they can book a class, workshop or studio space. Along the way, every opportunity is taken to build trust and authority through text, imagery and social proof.

Events and workshops play a big part in Irina’s business, and she needed an easy way to list and manage them on the website. We developed a series of custom post-types that make the whole events process effortless, and these are directly integrated with the Tula studio software that Irina uses for class bookings.

Implementing high-quality images

High-quality photography is a valuable asset for any website, but it’s an absolute must for yoga businesses. Being able to see the studio space and get a feel for the business when browsing online can really help convince people to take the plunge.

Seeing as Iriness was a brand new studio, it was important for Irina to take the initiative to create her own images – so we advised Irina to organise a photoshoot. We provided a photography brief and advised on image selection, to make sure we would get the full range of assets we needed for the website.

The truth is, it’s challenging to take photos of people practising yoga, but the results are fantastic. We then took care to resize, compress and upload all the images to the site. So they're all optimised for performance and available to be used at the click of a button.

Client feedback

Irina Pashkevich, Iriness

“I would like to thank the Wildheart Media team for creating a wonderful brand and website for Iriness Yoga & Wellbeing. They have an in-depth understanding of both the yoga/wellbeing and the internet worlds, so their ideas are always insightful.

They have a good sense of style: contemporary and chic. And they know how to use your words in a way that makes them really stand out. They guided me skilfully through the various aspects of the website development, connecting all the pieces of the puzzle, such as email marketing, social media and website. Thank you again Guy, Hannah and all the team, for the great results!”

– Irina Pashkevich

Case studies

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