Iriness Yoga and Wellbeing Logo

Iriness is a yoga and wellbeing centre in the heart of Horsham, UK, offering yoga classes, workshops and treatments.

Developing the design concepts

We were excited to be approached by Irina Pashkevich, who was in the process of setting up a new yoga and wellbeing centre in the heart of the charming market town of Horsham in West Sussex. Besides a Logo & Style Guide Package, Irina also purchased a New Website Package and a Website Updates Package.

One of the challenges on this project was that Irina decided to change the name of her business from Victoria House to Iriness mid-way through the design process. So all of the logo concepts use the original name.

Iriness (Victoria House) logo - concept 1

This first concept makes use of a series of spirals arranged in a floral pattern. We chose a slightly curvy serif font for the brand name, giving the logo a warm, yet classic feel. We contrasted this with the font chosen for the strapline, which is a modern condensed sans-serif font.

Iriness (Victoria House) logo - concept 2

This concept is made up of an interlacing geometric leaf pattern with soft curves. The design has echoes of the celtic knot. The font used is a contrasting, modern condensed sans-serif font, with a friendly easy-to-read font for the strapline.

Iriness (Victoria House) logo - concept 3

The floral theme continues with this concept, made up of overlapping leaves with a nod towards the all too familiar lotus flower - a mainstay of yogic imagery symbolising purity, enlightenment and rebirth in many eastern spiritual traditions. The edges of the leaves are complemented by the rather vine-like serif font used for the brand name. We chose a slightly condensed sans-serif font for the strapline to contrast the main font and aid readability.

The final logo

After seeing our logo designs which all fit the name rather well, Irina realised that not only were the logos wrong, but the business name didn’t feel right either. So, we downed tools until she came up with a new name and registered a new limited company. And so it was that Iriness was born! After feedback on the initial design concepts Irina mentioned that she loved spirals. Spirals represent beginnings, harmony, concentration and focus. In the end, we chose an elegant and bold serif font for the brand name, supported by a clear and modern sans-serif font for the strapline.

Creating a style guide

We chose to balance the hot purple with peppermint and cream colours in this palette and decided on two complementary sans-serif fonts: Roboto Condensed Light for the headings, and the modern and clear Source Sans Pro for the body copy.

Applying the style guide to the website

As Irina also purchased a New Website Package with us, the next step was to add the logo, colour palette and typography to the website as we designed all the pages. Irina took things one step further and had her studio painted in her new brand colours. The building was painted cream and the door frames and woodwork were painted in the peppermint colour. She also had some murals painted onto her walls using the hot purple. This was a great way to create a high level of consistency using her branding, both online and in her physical space.

Client feedback

Irina Pashkevich, Iriness

“I would like to thank the Wildheart Media team for creating a wonderful brand and website for Iriness Yoga & Wellbeing. They have an in-depth understanding of both the yoga/wellbeing and the internet worlds, so their ideas are always insightful.

They have a good sense of style: contemporary and chic. And they know how to use your words in a way that makes them really stand out. They guided me skilfully through the various aspects of the website development, connecting all the pieces of the puzzle, such as email marketing, social media and website. Thank you again Guy, Hannah and all the team, for the great results!”

– Irina Pashkevich

Case studies

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