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Eva Lyberg is a psychotherapist based in Stockholm, specialising in parenting, trauma, relationships and mental health.

Getting clear on the why

Eva helps a variety of people with an even wider variety of problems, but by looking at the old website it really wasn’t clear what these were. The website was too focused on who the website was for, and not enough on why or how.

As part of our legacy Website Restructure Package, we overhauled her website to better communicate why visitors should work with Eva and how she is able to help. Plus, we made the process of booking so much easier.

Creating a clearer site structure

The website structure needed some serious refining. Initially, it had 11 different pages in the top navigation bar, which is far too many for an effective menu and almost too many to fit onto the screen.

Each menu item led to a different page targeting a different demographic. Though there’s value to be found in audience segmentation, there’s absolutely too much of a good thing. A menu that long is confusing, and far more likely to turn people away than draw them further into the website.

We consolidated the menu into just 5 top-level pages plus a CTA button, using the footer menu to offload some of the less critical pages.

Revamping the homepage

Much like the navigation bar, the homepage itself was more of a broad menu than an effective page. It linked off to the many separate sections, but did little to communicate upfront what services are offered, or exactly what visitors can expect to find.

That’s why we created a hero image with a one-liner and a call-to-action (CTA) – so visitors are immediately acknowledged and invited to take further action. We also changed the focus of the homepage to demonstrate the kinds of problems that Eva can solve, rather than the people she typically works with.

Creating a natural user journey

The homepage CTA now links to a “Start Here” page, which does a much better job of funneling people to relevant areas of the site than the previously overwhelming menu.

Starting with a little introduction to Eva, visitors are funneled according to the problem they’d like to address, towards the “Pricing” page, and then finally to the “Bookings” page. There’s no guesswork involved, and users are guided the entire way.

We even sprinkled in some social proof across the site via client testimonials, so every page further builds on the trust and authority of the previous page.

Before and after video

Client feedback

Eva Lyberg

“Wildheart Media has, in close cooperation with me, mapped both my website visitors’ needs and what I have to offer and want to highlight on the website. The result is that my website has become much more user-friendly when it comes to finding information and booking sessions.

They have also “tailor-made” an event function that is administratively simple for me to use and thereby time-saving. In each step, they have ensured that I can handle new functions myself by making educational and clear videos for me, which means that I can update the site myself when I need to. I am very pleased with both the result and the cooperation that led us there.”

– Eva Lyberg

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