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Heather Elton offers authentic, traditional yoga teacher trainings and adventure retreats in London, Nepal and Bhutan.

Website refresh

As part of our legacy Website Restructure Package, we made a wide range of improvements to Heather’s website. We performed a lot of restructuring work to make it easier for users and search engines to navigate and understand the site, and we elevated the user experience through better use of visuals and calls-to-action.

A fresh start

Just as Heather’s website refresh needed a clear starting point, so too did her audience. We consolidated much of the top navigation menu in order to effectively guide visitors through the website.

The new “Start Here” page welcomes visitors, explains a little about Heather and the business, and then directs people to different parts of the site depending on their needs. It’s the first step on a clear user journey, and it does a great job at building an immediate connection with the audience whilst showcasing what’s on offer.

Getting clear on services

From Himalayan Yoga Adventures to destination yoga teacher trainings, Heather runs a wide variety of exotic yoga services. But previously, it was difficult to get a clear picture of what’s on offer.

The top navigation menu was filled to the brim with various yoga services, and each was further broken down via drop-down menus. It created a fractured user experience, and failed to communicate Heather’s exciting unique selling points.

To leave no room for doubt, we created a new “What I Offer” page that pulls together all the relevant information in a cohesive way. Anchored links at the top of the page immediately differentiate each of her services, and bring you to a detailed description supported by inspiring imagery.

Effective use of assets

As Heather's a talented photographer, we used this to our advantage. Powerful images taken from the many exotic yoga destinations are used liberally across the site to bring life and authenticity to the brand.

The original version of the site had many beautiful images already, but they weren't being used to their fullest potential. Many had poorly overlaid text and others were packed into carousels never to see the light of day. Rather than being hidden or distracting, we changed their formatting and placement to better communicate their meaning and purpose.

Utilising the footer

As the yoga training events and adventures both operate in a variety of regions and timeframes, it’s important that these be differentiated and easily navigable. The website footer was the perfect place to split out these services into individual links, so they can be accessed from anywhere on the site.

Fostering a community

An engaged email list is a powerful asset for any business. To help Heather build her own list we built a separate “Join Our Community” page with a direct sign-up form.

We also implemented some basic list segmentation to divide subscribers into groups based on what services they’re interested in. This allows Heather to better cater her messaging and offers to the right audiences.

Before and after video

Client feedback

Heather Elton, Elton Yoga

“I love working with Wildheart Media. Hannah and Guy are super knowledgeable and very professional. I’m amazed by the talents they share from writing and editing skills, to design and techie dashboard savvy. I feel totally confident in their hands that my website will look fantastic and perform well. They’ve found the right mix of design and performance. My website is my main point of contact with the world and so it’s really important to me that I feel it represents who I am accurately.

Hannah and Guy are super responsive and really easy to work with. They come up with excellent solutions to any problem. They redesigned my website with clear navigation, created a well-designed blog, help me with my marketing and promotional campaigns both in terms of managing my email list in Mailchimp, and creating Social Media ads. It’s really helpful to have people on hand that I can call on for assistance. We’ve had a relationship for 3 years now and I really feel they understand my business and can reflect who I am with authenticity.

The process of creation to completion of any project, whether it’s a redesign or a newsletter, is always very straightforward. We have an online strategy session where we all agree what needs to be done and then there are regular progress checks to see how things are developing. They work efficiently and fast and the work they produce is of exceptional quality. When it comes to a MacGuru I wholeheartedly recommend Wildheart Media to other yoga businesses. You won’t be disappointed.”

– Heather Elton

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