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Heather Elton offers authentic, traditional yoga teacher trainings and adventure retreats in London, Nepal and Bhutan.

Creating effective sales pages

Whether it’s a yoga teacher training program in some exotic destination, or a custom Himalayan Yoga Adventure, Heather offers some exciting high-ticket events.

As premium offerings, the investment for these events is fairly high, and cold audiences are going to need warming up before they’re ready to purchase. This makes a comprehensive sales page absolutely necessary to effectively communicate the value proposition and ultimately secure the sale.

That’s why we created an extensive sales page for one of Heather's events, then used this as a template for creating more. So, every event has a bespoke nurturing process.

Driving traffic through Google ads

Google ads can be a powerful conversion tool for yoga businesses that sell high value services. Through effective targeting and communication, you can see a quick return on your investment.

We set up and ran a variety of Google ads to promote Heather’s events, exploring different location targeting, A/B testing creatives and copy, and constantly monitoring and tweaking to ensure maximum campaign performance.

Expanding the funnel through email campaigns

To bring audiences into the sales funnel – and begin the nurturing process towards an event sale – we developed a comprehensive email marketing campaign for Heather using Mailchimp.

We first created a branded email template to provide an experience consistent with the website and sales pages. Then, we executed a series of campaigns to promote her events and courses.

Leveraging the press

Getting featured in big publications can be a daunting process, but there are steps we can take to increase our chances of success. Generally, it’s about making it easy for them to feature us.

We helped Heather write a press article to promote her Himalayan Yoga Adventures. First, we interviewed her on Skype, transcribed the interview, then crafted and edited the piece for submission to various publications. The result is a quality piece of content and an easy outreach process that can be quickly scaled up.

Wrapping up

Much like the process of concluding this case study, our consulting work with Heather involved a lot of cleaning up, organising and updating.

We helped her clean her mailing list to make sure it only had relevant, engaged subscribers – ultimately saving her time and money. Plus, we helped her become GDPR compliant by updating booking forms and subscription boxes to meet current best practices.

Client feedback

Heather Elton, Elton Yoga

“I love working with Wildheart Media. Hannah and Guy are super knowledgeable and very professional. I’m amazed by the talents they share from writing and editing skills, to design and techie dashboard savvy. I feel totally confident in their hands that my website will look fantastic and perform well. They’ve found the right mix of design and performance. My website is my main point of contact with the world and so it’s really important to me that I feel it represents who I am accurately.

Hannah and Guy are super responsive and really easy to work with. They come up with excellent solutions to any problem. They redesigned my website with clear navigation, created a well-designed blog, help me with my marketing and promotional campaigns both in terms of managing my email list in Mailchimp, and creating Social Media ads. It’s really helpful to have people on hand that I can call on for assistance. We’ve had a relationship for 3 years now and I really feel they understand my business and can reflect who I am with authenticity.

The process of creation to completion of any project, whether it’s a redesign or a newsletter, is always very straightforward. We have an online strategy session where we all agree what needs to be done and then there are regular progress checks to see how things are developing. They work efficiently and fast and the work they produce is of exceptional quality. When it comes to a MacGuru I wholeheartedly recommend Wildheart Media to other yoga businesses. You won’t be disappointed.”

– Heather Elton

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