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CBR Property Management offers property management services for landlords, block managers and tenants in Sussex, UK.

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Issues with previous website

CBR Property Management’s website was several years old and in need of an overhaul. Some of the content was confusing and hard to find, and they’d started offering new services which weren’t reflected on the website.

Building a better site

Using our ready-made template website as a starting point, we built a brand new, high performing site for Catherine Bancroft-Rimmer, the founder of CBR Property Management. We created a sensible site structure and clear navigation, which the different audiences can easily identify with.

Clearer messaging and calls-to-action

We helped Catherine write a business one-liner and improve the messaging across her site so that it better resonates with her audiences. We also ensured every page has a clear goal with compelling calls-to-action to let her visitors know where to go next. This includes an enquiry form on each of her key sales pages, so visitors can make a direct enquiry without leaving that page.

Improving the blog

Catherine wanted to make more of a feature of her blog, as she wanted to start publishing more regularly. So we helped her improve on this and pulled her latest posts through to her homepage where they’re more prominent.

Developing the FAQs

We also improved the FAQs section of her site, as this is an important part of the decision making process for Catherine’s clients. We created an FAQs landing page with a subpage for each of the services she offers. Then we listed the questions at the top of each subpage with anchored links that drop down to the answers below.

Improving the visitor journey

With a redesigned homepage, new pages added to the site, changes to the layout and design, and additional images inserted, Catherine now has much more visually striking and high performing website. The site makes it clearer what she offers and her visitors are taken on a smooth journey through the site, from gathering information to making an enquiry.

Before and after video

In this before and after video we demonstrate how we transformed CBR's website under our New Website Package:

Client feedback

Catherine Bancroft-Rimmer, CBR Property Management

“Hannah and Guy were really helpful in identifying the core message of my business and redesigning my website around this. It’s also great to know that for a very reasonable fee they do a weekly check on my site to keep it updated and visible.”

– Catherine Bancroft-Rimmer

Read the details of what’s included in the:

New Website Package