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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage offers training courses and a UK therapists directory for this holistic massage style.

Developing the design concepts

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage UK offers ayurvedic yoga massage and training courses for both massage enthusiasts and those who would like to offer massage as professionals. Besides our Logo & Style Guide Package, Despina Psarra ordered several other packages including a New Website Package, SEO Package and Website Updates Package. Her business had grown organically over several years and Despina was very busy, successfully running training courses and offering massages.

Her brief to us was quite specific in that she wanted an identity based on the Tantric Shri Yantra symbol. A yantra is a mystical symbol often used for meditation and reflection by the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. So we got to work, creating 3 different logo concepts based on this theme.

One of the challenges we faced with this logo is that the brand name is made up of 3 words. Most identities contain one or two words at the most.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage logo - concept 1

In this first concept we created a stylised yantra symbol of interlocking circles and triangles and balanced the hard geometric lines with a slightly rounded sans-serif condensed font to give the logo a modern feel.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage logo - concept 2

In this concept we contained the stylised geometric yantra inside a circle giving the logo a softer, more contained feel. We also introduced four tear drops or bindus, representing the wisdom of the four directions. Bindu in Sanskrit means “point” or “drop”. We contrasted the softer brand mark by using a crisp sans-serif font with a modern feel.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage logo - concept 3

The third logo concept makes use of dotted lines to soften the hardness of the triangles. It also introduces a semi-circle representing the moon, and a circle above the yantra representing a bindu or focal point of meditation. The softer brand mark allowed us some leeway when choosing the typography for this concept and we decided on an elegant slab-serif for the company name, complemented by a clean and modern sans-serif for the strapline.

The final logo

Tada! In the final logo you can see how we refined and simplified logo concept 2 to create a cleaner and tighter final logo. We used thinner lines on the stylised yantra, giving the logo a more delicate feel, and introduced two colours to the geometric shapes. The use of colour gives the brand mark more of a three-dimensional effect.

Crafting a one-liner

We helped Despina write a one-liner for her business, by following a tried-and-tested process to summarise and refine what problem her audience has, what she offers to overcome this problem, and how it makes their lives better. The final one-liner that we crafted together, after much refinement, was:

Do you want to give amazing massages with confidence?
Our training courses give you all the skills you need
To become a professional Ayurvedic yoga massage therapist

Creating a style guide

Despina sent over examples of colours that she liked. Her choice of colours was heavily influenced by her many trips to India, especially the ruby and bright amber colours. We then added a softer light blue and cream to contrast the bright colours in the palette, creating a well-balanced colour palette.

We chose a modern serif font for the headings and a clean and easy to read sans-serif font in dark grey for the body copy and buttons.

Applying the style guide to the website

Once Despina approved the style guide the next step was to apply the logo, colour palette and fonts to the website as we designed all the pages. The end result was a pleasing, clean and light, easy to use website with a modern and clear, yet mystical brand.

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