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Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg offers Ashtanga Mysore Style classes, retreats, in-depth study and workshops – right in the heart of Luxembourg city.

Launching with a plan

Marie bought our SEO Package alongside our New Website Package, which is a winning combination for an effective launch. Using the learnings from our SEO research to direct the new site build, we’re able to develop a strong foundation and a strategic plan for the new site.

Multi-language keyword research

Our tried-and-tested keyword research process investigates a variety of branded, topical, competitor, and local keyword opportunities. We first identified the key words and phrases associated with the Ashtanga yoga practice. These were used to optimise the pages on the new website, and serve as potential blog content later down the line.

Having three national languages in Luxembourg, it was prudent that we commit to researching keywords in a variety of languages. In addition to English, we identified the relevant phrases in French and German so we could ascertain which had the highest demand and therefore the best opportunities.

Topical content research

Using the topical keywords identified in the keyword research stage, we catalogued the most successful relevant content that’s already making waves on the internet. Whether their success is due to authority, popularity or virality, these pieces of content serve as great examples for Marie to model on the new website.

Competitor analysis

Our extensive competitor analysis identifies the performance, weaknesses and strengths of the businesses in direct competition with Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg. Through this process we uncovered organic and paid growth opportunities that the competitors are not taking advantage of.

Website audit

The final part of our SEO Package is a comprehensive website audit. Here we visualise the new website in data format, mapping out the most effective site structure and keyword strategy.

We then apply the learnings from our keyword research to write SEO optimised metadata for every single page – ensuring they all work together to target their assigned keyword.

We even managed to interweave some of the best performing German and French keywords into the meta descriptions, ensuring those pages had the best chance to rank in Google for multiple languages.

Lasting results

For Marie and Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg, the SEO Package ensured the new website was established with the highest degree of performance and optimisation.

Over time, these positive qualities will compound to secure Google rankings for a variety of relevant keywords. Going forward, Marie also has a bank of potential keywords to target in future.

Client feedback

Marie Kerr Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg

“I asked the Wildheart team to work on the SEO strategy for my yoga studio Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg. Hannah was highly competent at content optimization and keyword research. She effectively allocates resources to maximize results.

I also asked them to entirely redesign my website. I really appreciate the quality of work that both Hannah and Guy delivered. I also find them easily accessible and enjoyed the marketing discussions and tips they shared with me. I could get in touch with them anytime I wanted. They have an excellent understanding of what I wanted to achieve and have the skillset to facilitate that. It’s been an amazing change for our business.

Overall, they are client-oriented and brand-focused with great technical capabilities. This also helped me direct my focus and allowed me to be more creative while they do the dirty work and actual marketing.”

– Marie Kerr

Case studies

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