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Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg offers Ashtanga Mysore Style classes, retreats, in-depth study and workshops – right in the heart of Luxembourg city.

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Starting afresh

Marie opted to buy our Logo & Style Guide Package alongside our New Website Package (and SEO Package). This gave us the freedom to completely transform the online experience for Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg, complete with a brand new logo, fonts and colour palette.

Streamlining the site structure

The studio website needed to communicate a range of important information to any potential new students. It's important that beginners are directed to the appropriate classes, and that everyone can easily access information on shala etiquette, mantras and moon days before coming to class.

That’s why we worked closely with Marie to decide the best site structure and navigation to serve all of her visitors. The result is a very clear and effective user journey, that funnels people to the appropriate pages with minimal clicks.

Inserting clear calls-to-action (CTAs)

A key part in providing a clear user journey is communicating where they should go next. This is done on the new website through direct calls-to-action, found in the top navigation menu and sprinkled throughout the site at appropriate points.

Marie decided not to take payments online for the new website. So, without a need for a commercial point of conversion, people are instead directed to the class schedule as the main call-to-action, as this is the final stage of the website journey.

Developing a custom events section

Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg runs a variety of events; from courses to workshops and retreats. We built a custom events section to bring these all together in a format that’s much easier for users to navigate, and for Marie to manage.

Adding a notification bar

We created a notification bar above the site’s main header area as a direct way for Marie to interact with website visitors. Marie can use this to provide notifications of moon days, schedule changes, and any other important information.

Providing tutorials

For us here at Wildheart, delivering a package is not just about handing over an attractive new website or set of designs. It’s important to us that our clients understand how to use these effectively, so that they can realise the full benefits for their business.

That’s why we supplied a range of supplementary tutorial videos for Marie – so that she’s able to confidently update her new website and take control of her online content.

Before and after video

Client feedback

Marie Kerr Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg

“I asked the Wildheart team to work on the SEO strategy for my yoga studio Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg. Hannah was highly competent at content optimization and keyword research. She effectively allocates resources to maximize results.

I also asked them to entirely redesign my website. I really appreciate the quality of work that both Hannah and Guy delivered. I also find them easily accessible and enjoyed the marketing discussions and tips they shared with me. I could get in touch with them anytime I wanted. They have an excellent understanding of what I wanted to achieve and have the skillset to facilitate that. It’s been an amazing change for our business.

Overall, they are client-oriented and brand-focused with great technical capabilities. This also helped me direct my focus and allowed me to be more creative while they do the dirty work and actual marketing.”

– Marie Kerr

Case studies

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