Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg Logo

Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg offers Ashtanga Mysore Style classes, retreats, in-depth study and workshops – right in the heart of Luxembourg city.

Developing the design concepts

We were excited to work with Marie Kerr from Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg, who committed to several packages with us including a Logo & Style Guide Package, New Website Package, SEO Package and Website Updates Package. She’s grown her business over several years with a self-made website and needed to take her yoga business to the next level.

Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg logo - concept 1

In this concept we created an encircled brand mark of stylised organic shapes that looked like a spine. The focus in this concept was growth. For the typography we chose a clean and modern sans-serif all set in uppercase. We opened up the kerning (spacing between the letters) to give a sense of openness and space, and to keep all the words aligned in a block.

Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg logo - concept 2

In this concept we encircled the brand mark with a loosely drawn circle. The shapes within the circle resemble a face or the curves of a spine. The face could also resemble Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu god. Ganesh is said to be the remover of obstacles and is a familiar and resonating image amongst many modern western yoga practitioners.

We contrasted the light and spacious brand mark with a bold modern sans-serif font.

Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg logo - concept 3

The third logo concept resembles sticks and leaves arranged in the shape of an ‘A’ for Ashtanga. Leaves and branches also symbolise personal growth. Again, the delicate lines of the brand mark are contrasted by the bold typography in uppercase with the strapline in lowercase.

The final logo

The only change made between our original concept 2 and the final logo was the addition of the updated strapline, set in a smaller font size and also in uppercase letters.

Crafting a one-liner

Throughout our journey of working with Marie, we gained a deeper understanding of her brand values and approach to teaching yoga. Marie sees the yoga practice as a tool and, for her, the essence of yoga has always been cultivating self-awareness. Through our collaborative writing and refining process for the one-liner, we finally settled on the following for Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg:

Want to deepen your understanding of yoga?
By encouraging self-inquiry through individual attention
We’ll help you find vibrant health and balance in your life

Creating a style guide

We created a colour palette with rich plum and dark turquoise and added a complementary pale mustard as a supporting secondary colour. We chose two complementary sans-serif fonts for the typography.

Applying the style guide to the website

The next step was for us to apply the new logo, colour palette and typography to the website we were building for Marie. It was very rewarding seeing this established yoga business coming to life in such a fresh and vibrant way.

Client feedback

Marie Kerr Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg

“I asked the Wildheart team to work on the SEO strategy for my yoga studio Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg. Hannah was highly competent at content optimization and keyword research. She effectively allocates resources to maximize results.

I also asked them to entirely redesign my website. I really appreciate the quality of work that both Hannah and Guy delivered. I also find them easily accessible and enjoyed the marketing discussions and tips they shared with me. I could get in touch with them anytime I wanted. They have an excellent understanding of what I wanted to achieve and have the skillset to facilitate that. It’s been an amazing change for our business.

Overall, they are client-oriented and brand-focused with great technical capabilities. This also helped me direct my focus and allowed me to be more creative while they do the dirty work and actual marketing.”

– Marie Kerr

Case studies

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