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Anahata is a community of health practitioners offering classes and complementary therapies in the thriving heart of Brighton, UK.

A winning combination of packages

Here at Wildheart, we offer some highly specialised packages. Each is capable of moving the needle in a number of different areas of business, but when combined can produce a powerful synergistic effect.

That’s why Deborah from Anahata decided to buy an SEO Package, a Website Updates Package, and additional Consulting Work when she decided to hire us to build the new website.

Bringing the website into the modern age

The old Anahata website was a relic of the distant past. Built in PHP, it performed as poorly as it looked, and it was getting increasingly difficult to update as technology progressed without it.

The new website addresses each of these issues through the simple change to the WordPress platform, and the implementation of our highly-optimised yoga template. The result is a future-proof solution that’s universally supported and much easier for Deborah to manage and update.

Starting with their why

Part of the fresh take on the website was a new, clearer message. There are a wide range of services available at the Anahata Health Clinic, and it was important to find a way to bring these together in a cohesive focus.

The new one-liner, “Would you like to experience glowing health? Our community of alternative practitioners will help you shine again” immediately communicates who Anataha are and what they can do for their clients.

Creating an effective and efficient website

Anahata Health Clinic is a true kaleidoscope of holistic services. As well as their diverse range of therapies and treatments, they’re also a busy yoga studio and shop. Each area of the business is intrinsically linked, and the website must reflect that too.

Built upon our website template that’s been specifically optimised for yoga businesses, we expanded on this to create the Anahata website – creating several custom post-types to accommodate all the different classes, therapies, therapists, teachers and the shop (more about this in the Consulting Work Case Study). Finally, to tie it all together we integrated a sophisticated booking and payment system that can handle all aspects of Anahata’s services.

Before and after video

Client feedback

Deborah Woolf, Anahata Health Clinic

“Working with the Wildheart team was a pleasure – they managed to answer all my (novice to web development) questions calmly and clearly. They guided me through the process with care and attention, even to the smallest details, and managed to have a quietly mellow approach, in the midst of my general anxiety, fear and panic!

Our new website looks fantastic and Wildheart not only carefully transferred our old website pictures and text, but also recommended ways to make it much better and helped link this all together with our booking system (which was a task in itself). As a mutli-disciplinary complementary clinic with so many demands and needs from very different practitioners we finally realised we needed three different ways for people to book our services. This meant Wildheart had to redesign the Booking buttons various times, which they did quickly and efficiently. Similarly when we discussed our need to be able to rearrange the order of the therapies we offer, Wildheart quickly put in place a way to do this.

Finally we feel totally empowered and supported in our ability to update and change our shiny new website – Wildheart made us a series of personalised videos to explain how we can manage our website. When it was obvious I had no idea what I was doing, Wildheart also sent me a clear explanation of the different types of webpages we have (cutting through the jargon effectively) and have even answered my worried, post going live, questions. I was also very impressed by the way they managed to do the whole job whilst being in three different continents!”

– Deborah Woolf

Case studies

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