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Alison Green is a life coach based in London. She offers a range of one-to-one coaching services & workshops to help people be their best and realise their aspirations.

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Getting clear on services

As part of the new website for Alison’s life coaching business, we helped her really hone in on what services she offers. After all, private coaching is a very personal process. It’s essential that the services – and the language they’re communicated in – resonate with potential clients.

Finding the right language

Using the right language on her website is key for Alison to truly connect with her audience. To help with this, we performed some additional keyword research to identify effective words and phrases to use in her content.

We apply these key language points in every service description. They speak directly to the audience and their potential pain points, helping visitors feel understood and connected.

Leveraging social proof

We added testimonials liberally across the site in order to build trust and rapport with website visitors. These are present in full on a dedicated testimonials page, but more importantly, relevant snippets from happy customers are added to each and every service.

Consistent calls-to-action

Alison offers coaching in a variety of areas, but the process for booking a session is always the same. Having a single conversion point via the contact form lets us take visitors on a clear journey through the site, directed through clear calls-to-action to “Get in Touch”.

Branding the site

In keeping with her brand, we applied Alison’s existing colour palette and fonts to the new site. Custom icons in brand colours were also used to maintain a consistent look and feel to the website.

Driving traffic

We helped Alison to launch a brand new blog, and enabled her with the means to write regular content that will serve her new audience. In addition to being a great new traffic source, these blog posts are an opportunity to build authority and further connect with readers.

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